Landing in France with a WHV — a guide to your first steps

Chapter 6: Travelling to other European countries

Published: 27-01-2018



Travelling to other European countries

Yes, you can travel within the Schengen area that includes 26 European countries which have decided to remove all internal border controls. You will need to carry your passport and it’s wise to check entry requirements, which vary depending on your country of citizenship.

Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland and the UK are outside the borderless Schengen area. These six countries have their own rules for issuing short-stay visas.

Note that unlike Schengen area permanent residents and citizens, as a WHV holder, you cannot work freely within the Schengen area. For instance, if you have a WHV for France, you cannot go work in Germany, Spain or Italy.

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Hi! Is there a need to validate my working holiday visa? I tried to do it on the website, but the reasons listed for my visa were not listed as mine is the WHV and the reasons were for students, temp workers, etc.

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