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    I know there’s some other places to put that subject, but I felt I had to do it English as a reflection of this “year”: My year in Toronto!

    What can I say in few words to describe “my year”, should I say “the year”?
    Yes, I definitely should!
    So this word will be: Awesome! Yeah, that’s just so right!
    I remember before I left, doubting about myself, about my abilities for adaptation, to a new culture, a new country, a different language, a different life, an independent one...(Finally, all of what I was looking for!)
    I remember what I was saying to myself and to people at that time: “yeah, I’ll be back in a few months”…
    I am doubting, but even though I am, my envy to move is definitely stronger… It’s now or never, “carpe diem” is my motto!

    I think I first realized I was on my way when I left my mother home then my daddy at the airport… (It definitely sounds “cliché” but that’s how I felt!).
    And this is how it started; I landed on a new soil, the soil of Canada!
    The book has just been wide open, “up to me” to fill in the blank (remember, the song “unwritten”?).
    I have to say when I arrived, at first sight; I was not really charmed by Toronto. But I came here without anything in mind, no special things to achieve, no special goals to reach, just to live my life!

    So did I, after 2 weeks in a youth hostel, I found an apartment … Then 6 weeks after, I got a job which I found thanks to pvtistes.net and more particularly lulu (thank u)!
    I was working as a bilingual agent in a call-centre, it was not a great job but that’s not what I was searching for.
    One of the main interests for me coming here was to improve my English.
    What’s better then than to speak English all day long?
    And it totally worked out! My English got better and I also met people, my future friends.

    I just stayed one year, so my aim after getting a job and an apartment was to travel!
    Thanks to my job, which was very flexible, I did it.
    From the start, I took a trip to Mexico by the end of May.
    Then by July, I went to Québec where I visited Québec city and Montréal.
    In September I took 10 days to visit California (SF and LA).
    By November I went to Cuba for 10 days and finally right after I quitted my job, I took 4 days to visit NY that was December.

    Out of all these great trips I don’t forget that my longest stay was in Toronto and I loved it!
    This city is a huge melting pot, the biggest in the world and it was amazing to evolve in touch with so many different cultures.
    The way of thinking is totally different. Here, you have “a chance”. Of course, the grass is not greener; it’s just a different green colour!

    Now I’m back, and I’ve been working until I earned enough money to go for another WHV, this time down under, in Sydney, Australia.
    From there, depending on my situation I’m willing to go visit Asia: Japan, China, and Thailand at least!
    The adventure continues and I am not sure yet if I would spend the rest of my life in France…

    My living experience is building who I am.
    I’m on the road, I can’t see the end and that’s just great!

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    Thanks for sharing your experience. I am not in Canada yet but I am sure I'll love it once I'm there and I just cannot wait to go on a trip again !

    c ya

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    Your English is great ! Good luck with the rest of your adventures

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    Thank you for this story !
    See'ya in OZ next year

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    Thanks for sharing your story ...
    I'd like to be there already ...

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    Dis moi lorsque tu as trouvé ce travail dans le call center, quel était à peu près ton niveau d'anglais?

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    Thank you guys!

    Good evening Profrichard!

    If you don’t mind I’ll answer in English, as it’s supposed to be in this part!
    I have to say I always loved English since I am a kid.
    It’s tough for me to evaluate myself!
    I think though that my English speaking was not too bad when I arrived!
    The first step to take, out of your level of English, is to try!
    I made mistakes at the beginning and I realized them by the time I was speaking but this is how your English will evolve!
    There are so many people here from so many different cultures, everybody is kind of learning English! Nobody will judge you!
    Trying to speak with a complete sentence is very important to me.
    You should avoid short answers like “yes” or “no”.
    You don’t have to use complicated vocabulary, just use the easiest you know then you’ll use more and more new words on a daily basis and that will make you better!

    I still have many things to learn, I am no teacher!!!
    This is just a few tips…

    There’s no secret but a lot of practicing!

    Good luck

    A WHV can be the experience of a lifetime! Go go go !!!

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    Thanks a lot for your topic Juju

    Message de profrichard
    Dis moi lorsque tu as trouvé ce travail dans le call center, quel était à peu près ton niveau d'anglais?
    Please Richard, can you speak english here ?

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    Hi all,

    it's crazy what you can do when you really want. One more time, thank you guy for the travel (virtually of course)...you really give motivation for people like me. C ya bro in an another essay

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    Thanks a lot, too !
    It's very interesting !!

    See you

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    well done Juju !

    the next year will be a different one, but will be good, for sure.

    see ya

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    Hi Juju,

    How is life in Australia ? Warmer isn't it ?
    What have you been up to ?

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    Hey Lilou, what s goin on?!

    Way warmer, no comparison!!!
    Today in Brisbane was 27 c !!!!
    I ve posted some news already
    It is in the Australia section