Résultats du sondage : What's the best option to speak english language together ?

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    Hey there,

    I'm very fond of the English Language ( Especially the american accent ) because I learnt it with US TV shows, series, Movies, American Voices in games for the most part of 'em.

    So, I'd like to speak english with anyone's interested in this...

    There are several ways to do that well :

    - The 1st and the best way is to meet up somewhere in the real life ( I'm located In France, Epinal, Vosges, but I can take a day and go to Nancy with a train. I don't have my driver license yet but it's close ).

    - The second way and the easiest one for most of people, is using a Voice Chat, like Skype.

    - The third one is the less attractive way to do it...Phonecalls, but it's expensive, and it's a lack of privacy regarding your phone number... Sharing its personal phone number with strangers is sometimes kinda awkward. Some let's think about Skype.

    The goal here is simply sharing our passion for this language OR improve it because we all need to learn something even we have a good level.

    So we can, talk together, enjoying the moment, and even, correct the other one if he makes a mistake...
    Just notice that NO Swearing, No disrespect is allowed with this idea.

    So, If you'd like to participate, please just let me know, and the other interested people.
    You can freely give us your SKYPE, or PM anyone that interests you to start talking with him.
    BUT, About any Home address or Phone Number, do not post em here freely. PM people, You'll avoid any problem of Privacy this way.

    I can give You my Skype if you PM me here : The Blur PM Box - New Message Direct Link ( MUST BE CONNECTED )

    Cya, everyone, Hope some of you will like this idea.

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    Delphine 30 ans

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    Hey! How are you doing ? No one seems interested but me ?! What a shame! I think your idea is cool :-) i always wanted to practice my English in France too, but never really did...i learnt it by watching tv shows too! What are your favorite ones? :-)

    To speak a little about me, im 22, i live in Bordeaux but i come from Rennes :-) i plan to leave for Canada next year (i spent 3 amazing months there in 2009!!!) and i'd like to speak perfectly English :-P !

    Well, if you wanna talk, im there! But unfortunately, skype will be difficult cause i don't spend much time at home...maybe we could chat by a rainy week end!

    See ya ;-)

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    Hi Delphine,

    Finally, someone answers my calls...I'm really glad you like to participate to this idea. By the way, I'm doin' good, thanks .

    About me, I'm 24, living in Epinal, near Nancy. I will start a WHV visa for January 2013.

    I'm sending you my Facebook in a private message. We'll be easier to chat and leave a message there I guess ( If you have one ).

    So, I'll meet you there

    Cya, and thank you for your interest