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Toronto, ON, Canada

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We are looking for a live-in French tutor to help with CNED French and other homework, as well as other related tasks (such as school drop-off and pick-up).

Our preferred arrangement is that we would provide room and board in exchange of 20 hours a week of tutoring and related work. The preferred hours would be for school drop off (7 to 8:30 am), pick up and homework (3 to 6 pm), and some weekend hours. As such, the ideal live-in candidate would be a student at the nearby university or college, instead of an individual with other full-time employment commitments. The live-in tutor must have a valid driver's license.

We live in Forest Hill (St Clair and Avenue Road area), and the candidate could occupy the basement nanny suite (with his or her own bedroom, living room and bathroom). Kitchen and laundry facilities would be shared with us.

The ideal candidate would be a native French speaker, friendly, and conscientious, and would enjoy interacting with an 11 and a 13 year old.

We are experienced employers of live-in employees (nannies and tutors), and have had a series of successful multi-year arrangements. References by former nannies and tutors can be made available.