About us

About us

We launched PVTistes.net on July 5, 2005, when we realized there was a growing interest for the Working Holiday Visa program but very little information online about it. Over the years, we grew, evolved and built a strong community of travellers.

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Webmasters and admins at the Destination Canada mobility forum in Paris

at the Destination Canada mobility forum in Paris Webmasters and admins

Community moderators at a WHV event in Montreal

at a WHV event in Montreal Community moderators

Our team is an interesting mix of travel addicts and knowledgeable geeks. Five former casual volunteers now work on the various technical aspects of the website and content creation (articles, guides, special reports, etc.). They also share valuable tips advice online, on the website forum and on social media, as well as in person during travel and job fairs or information sessions. Another twenty volunteer moderators work on the discussion forum and answer your questions (kudos to them for doing a great job!).

PVTistes.net wouldn’t exist without all the awesome members who share info daily on the forum. THANK YOU!

When we launched PVTistes.net in 2005, it didn’t take long for members to turn the forum into a fun, informative and engaging hub. Today, it’s a friendly traveller community where everyone is welcome to ask questions and share experiences.


The website grew a lot in 14 years and it became both a one-stop information centre featuring useful content and a social network of travellers who support and advise each other to convert their ideas into a reality.


PVTistes.net is an independent ad-supported website—consider disabling your ad blocker to show your support! Our team also builds partnerships with relevant companies that offer products or services useful to travellers, expats and WHV holders, who in turn benefit from special offers and discounts on plane tickets, insurance plans, language courses and much more. Check them out on the good deals page.