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Globe WHV insurance policy highlights:

Medical expenses claims can be submitted online through our website.
Very positive feedback from WHV holders.
Globe WHV will refund the remaining months on your policy if you go home earlier than planned as long as there are at least two months left on your policy.
Quick and easy communication with Globe WHV customer service specialists who answer questions sent by private message. Send a private message to a Globe WHV representative.
Easy-to-understand insurance policy and claim guidelines.
Very competitive rates.
Covers many sports and activities, including scuba-diving, hiking, skiing and surfing. Read the Globe WHV insurance policy.
Desjardins offers new Working Holiday and Young Professionals customers 1 free month of Globe WHV insurance coverage. Learn more...

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Why would I need to purchase health insurance?

First of all, you never know what could happen during your stay abroad, so health insurance is always recommended for WHV holders. Besides, some destinations make it mandatory.

Buying health insurance is also common sense. As a WHV holder, you aren’t eligible for health care coverage through the local insurance system. Your home country won’t cover your health expenses abroad—you’re on your own. In many WHV destinations s, even “routine” health issues can lead to hefty bills.

Unfortunately, from time to time, we hear from WHV holders who left home without insurance coverage and ended up facing huge medical bills. Read this forum thread about a French WHV holder who traveled without insurance and ended up at the hospital for internal bleeding...

Note that health insurance isn’t just forminor health issue emergency expenses. You’re also covered for hospitalization, repatriation (after a major accident, for instance), accidental death, personal civil liability, etc.

Questions regarding all destinations

Does the Globe WHV insurance policy offer coverage for all WHV destinations?

Yes, all countries who have signed a WHV agreement recognize Globe WHV as a valid insurance policy. It’s accepted as proof of insurance coverage when you apply for your work permit at the relevant embassy or consulate.

I have a job offer in my destination country and my employer provides health benefits. Do I still need to purchase the Globe WHV insurance policy?

Your employer’s health insurance plan won’t cover repatriation back to your home country in the event of a serious accident or death. If you don’t have insurance coverage, in the case of need, you or your relatives will have to pay for repatriation costs (medical air transport, healthcare professionals, ambulance service, etc.).

Do I have to be a student to be eligible for the Globe WHV insurance policy?

No. Anyone participating in a WHV program or in one of the IEC programs (Canada) is eligible, regardless of their status or country of citizenship.

Am I covered for side trips to neighbouring countries?

Yes. Once your WHV activated, your Globe WHV policy covers you for touristic trips of any duration to other countries for up to €150,000. Note that different conditions apply if you temporarily go back home (see the following Q&A). Please also note that if you’re traveling to Cuba you will need a specific insurance confirmation (see the Q&A below). So, if you feel like spending a short holiday in the US or somewhere in Asia, go for it, you’re covered! And if you want to explore the world before activating your WHV, consider buying the Globe Partner insurance policy.

Am I also covered when I temporarily go back home during my WHV experience?

Your Globe WHV insurance policy covers you during short trips back home up to 30 days per year of coverage . During these trips, only emergency medical expenses are covered up to €15,000. For longer stays in your home country, you’ll only be covered during the first 30 days as per the terms and conditions explained above. If you return home definitely, you will no longer be covered.

My credit card offers three months of insurance coverage. Can I use that and then buy the Globe WHV insurance policy?

You could, but consider the following before making a decision.

First, read your credit card insurance policy and check if it covers you for long trips abroad. Make sure the insurance policy offers comprehensive coverage — compare it with the Globe WHV insurance policy for reference — and read the full details on deductibles, maximum coverage, waiting periods, etc.

Even if you opt to use your credit card insurance policy for the first few weeks or months, you will still have to buy your Globe WHV insurance policy for the remainder of your trip. You must purchase your insurance before your trip even if it only starts on day 91 of your WHV adventure (assuming you’re using your credit card insurance policy for the first 90 days).

Any accident or medical issue occurring during your credit card insurance policy coverage won’t be covered by Globe WHV—and neither will any required follow-ups. For instance, if you have an accident during the first 90 days of your stay abroad and you need medical care for the next six months, it won’t be covered by Globe WHV because it would be considered a “pre-existing condition.”

Can I pay for my insurance policy monthly instead of paying the full cost upfront?

No, you can’t pay monthly for your Globe WHV travel insurance. However, you could buy month-to-month coverage and thus, pay monthly. Note that monthly rates aren’t cheaper. If you do choose this solution, make sure there’s no gap in your insurance coverage and that you renew it diligently every month.

This alternative solution will only work for destinations where health insurance isn’t mandatory. Many destinations require proof of insurance for the entire duration of your stay either when you apply for the work permit (e.g. for destinations in Asia or South America) or upon landing (e.g. Canada).

I’m going on a vacation to Cuba. My Globe WHV insurance policy covers me, right?

It does. Your Globe WHV insurance policy covers you during all side trips during your WHV adventure, regardless of their duration and to a maximum amount of €150,000.

There’s a small extra step for Cuba—the government requires a specific health insurance confirmation. We can provide it to you for free in three business days. You’ll just need to send us an email to [email protected] with the following information:

  • Full name
  • Insurance policy number
  • Valid mailing and email addresses
  • Exact travel dates to Cuba (arrival/departure dates)

What sports are not covered by my Globe WHV insurance?

The following sports activities are not covered: mountain climbing, bobsled, air sports (including skydiving), jet ski, combat sports, off-piste sports, and all sports practiced during special events, official tournaments or competitions. Any other sport practiced as a hobby is covered, e.g. scuba diving (without depth limit) and bungee jumping (as long as the jump is made from a ground-based structure, e.g. a bridge).

Where can I buy insurance coverage for sports Globe WHV excludes?

Usually, sports clubs can provide specific insurance solutions for the activities they offer.

Can I see any healthcare provider without checking in with Globe WHV first?

Yes, you can go see any healthcare provider (doctor, nurse) in any clinic or practice without notifying Globe WHV beforehand.

If you don’t know where to go or if you want to check what’s covered and what’s not, don’t hesitate to contact the Mutuaide Assistance platform (the number is on your insurance card).

When I submit a claim, where do I send medical bills and prescriptions?

For claims up to €500, please use our convenient online claim form.

For claims of €500 and up, original documents must be sent by postal mail to the following address: A.C.S. Service Médical, Att. Médecin-conseil, 153 rue de l’Université 75007 Paris France.

To learn more about the claim submission process, download this form.

If I need medical care, do I have to pay upfront?

There are two possible scenarios.

Scenario 1, outpatient care (not including hospitalization): Yes, you have to pay upfront and then send the original documents to ACS for your claim to be processed. To learn more about the claim submission process, download this form.

Scenario 2, hospitalization: No, ACS will cover upfront costs. You have to call Mutuaide Assistance (available 24/7) and they will communicate directly with the hospital to settle the bill.

What do I have to do if I’m admitted to the hospital?

If you stay more than 24 hours at the hospital, you have to contact Mutuaide Assistance (available 24/7). Just dial the number on your insurance card or send them an email at [email protected].

The Mutuaide Assistance medical team will contact the local healthcare professionals looking after you in order to make sure the best possible decisions for your health condition are made.

I already have a Globe WHV insurance policy. Can I renew it?

The Globe WHV insurance policy can’t be renewed, however, you can buy a new Globe WHV insurance policy to continue coverage. It’s fast and easy, just visit ACS website.
You will get a new insurance policy number. Just make sure there’s no coverage gap, i.e. the effective date of the new contract must immediately follow the expiration date of the old contract.
If you need insurance coverage for more than 12 months, please contact Globe WHV representatives first through private message to make sure that renewing your contract is an option.

Does my Globe WHV insurance cover work-related accidents?

Globe WHV was designed as a travel health insurance. However, if you’re doing an internship or if you’re working, work-related health care expenses will be covered (as per the general terms and conditions of the insurance policy) but accidental death and dismemberment benefits will be excluded.

I want to buy a Globe WHV insurance policy but I have a chronic condition that requires daily medication and monthly blood tests. Am I still eligible?

Please contact ACS’s medical team by email at [email protected] before purchasing your insurance policy.

The Globe WHV insurance policy doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions so you will have to pay out of pocket for your current prescription and required tests. However, your Globe WHV insurance policy will cover any unrelated health issues you may have during your trip, as described in the contract’s general terms and conditions.

Does Globe WHV insurance cover stolen luggage?

The Globe WHV insurance policy only covers stolen luggage if the theft occurs on your outbound or return flight and while your luggage is under the airline’s responsibility. This coverage tops up any compensation provided by the airline.

However, Globe WHV does not cover luggage theft occurring at any other point during your trip (e.g. in a hostel, during a domestic flight, etc.).

Does my Globe WHV insurance policy cover me as a driver abroad?

In the event of a car accident, your medical expenses will be covered as per the contract’s general terms and conditions.

However, Globe WHV does not replace mandatory auto insurance. For instance, this insurance policy doesn’t include liability coverage while operating a vehicle.

Are only French citizens eligible for the Globe WHV insurance policy?

No, all WHV holders—regardless of their country of citizenship—can purchase this insurance policy and it offers coverage for all WHV destinations.

If you can’t find your country of citizenship in the drop-down menu, please contact us.

I’m flying to my destination with my WHV. If border officers ask me for proof of insurance, what document am I supposed to show?

Your official proof of insurance is the insurance certificate you received by email. It includes all required information—your full name, effective and expiration dates and your policy number.

How can we purchase an insurance policy as a couple or as a family?

The Globe WHV insurance policy is a personal plan, so couples have to buy two separate insurance policies. The same rule applies to families, each member must purchase their own individual plan.

Can I ask for a refund on the remaining months if I go home earlier than planned?

Yes. If you go back home for good, Globe WHV will refund the remaining months on your policy as long as there are at least two months left on your policy, regardless of your claim history. This is a great perk most insurance companies don’t offer.

I’m looking at the subscription form—is the “country of residence” the country where I live or my country of citizenship?

Your “country of residence” is where you live, regardless of your citizenship. This is where you would be repatriated if needed.

I’m leaving in a few months, can I still buy my insurance policy right now?

Smart move and yes, of course! The date of purchase and your effective date are two different things and they don’t have to match.

You’ll pay for your insurance policy the day you buy it and coverage will start on the date you selected.

Okay, I have a few more questions. Can anyone answer them?

For sure. If you can’t find what you were looking for in the FAQ, please send a private message to Globe WHV representatives. They’ll get back to you quickly with the info you need.

FAQ for those travelling to Canada

My common-law partner has a WHV. Am I eligible for the Globe WHV insurance policy as well?

If you have an open work permit because your common-law partner is in Canada with an IEC work permit, you can buy the same Globe WHV insurance policy as your common-law partner.

However, you’re not eligible if you don’t have an open work permit and you’re in Canada as a tourist. In that case, the best solution for you is to subscribe a Globe Partner insurance policy.

I have a WHV and I’m going to Canada with my kids. Do I have to purchase an insurance policy for them?

In this case, children are eligible for the Globe WHV insurance policy. Each family member must purchase an insurance policy and you can choose “WHV” during the subscription process.

FAQ for destinations other than Canada

I have an appointment at the embassy for my WHV application and I need to bring a proof of insurance. How does it work?

A few countries do ask for proof of insurance as part of your WHV application. Exceptionally, for these destinations, we accept contract date changes. However, some conditions apply:

  • Buy a 12-month Globe WHV insurance policy with an estimated coverage start date (in this instance, the effective date of your insurance coverage must be chosen well into the future).
  • If your WHV application is approved, buy your plane ticket and contact us to set a definitive coverage effective date.
  • If your WHV application is denied, contact us before the chosen coverage effective date and provide a formal proof of application denial (letter from the embassy, official stamp). We will cancel the insurance policy and issue a full refund without charging any processing fees.

Globe WHV insurance policy wallet card

What do I do with this wallet card?

This card is issued at the same time as your confirmation of coverage, right after purchasing your insurance policy online.

Your wallet card includes the most important information about your insurance policy—your policy number, coverage start and end date, and emergency contact numbers.

You should print it out, cut it and keep it in your wallet. That way, you’ll always have our contact info handy in case of an accident or health issue.

Do I really have to print my wallet card?

It’s up to you, maybe you have another way to keep important info regarding your Globe WHV insurance policy handy!

We simply recommend you to print, cut and keep your card in your wallet to have emergency contact numbers with you if you need them.

Do I just have to show this card to avoid upfront costs?

No, this wallet card is just a handy memo but you still have to make upfront payments, if applicable. Healthcare professionals don’t need to see this card.

What should I do if I need medical attention?

If you’re admitted to the hospital for less than 24 hours or if you simply need to see a doctor, you must pay for all medical fees and then submit a claim with supporting documents for reimbursement.

If you’re admitted to the hospital for more than 24 hours, you should contact Mutuaide Assistance (the number is on the back of your wallet card) to arrange direct payment of your medical fees. If you can’t make the phone call yourself, give your wallet card to the hospital staff and they will contact Mutuaide Assistance for you.

Help, I lost my wallet card!

Relax, a lost card doesn’t mean your insurance policy is cancelled or that coverage is not valid anymore!
If you still have the original confirmation email with your insurance certificate , just print out a new copy of your wallet card. If you can’t find the original email, contact our customer service by email at [email protected].

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If you have any question, please send a private message to Globe WHV representatives.

Send a private message

Globe WHV customer service representatives check in daily to answer questions posted by Working Holiday, Young Professionals and International Co-op Internship program participants in the “Globe WHV – Questions and support” forum discussion thread. Don’t hesitate to post a question or send them a private message before or after purchasing your insurance policy, they will get back to you quickly with the info you need.

Globe WHV insurance policy highlights

  • Full coverage for the actual cost of routine medical expenses and hospitalization without deductible or waiting period. No authorization required before seeing a healthcare professional.
  • Zero upfront payment in the event of a hospital admission.
  • Repatriation assistance and family emergency coverage for trip interruption following the unforeseen death of a close relative.
  • Civil liability coverage.
  • Lost luggage insurance for your trip to your destination and back.
  • Friendly and quick customer service support directly on the forum since 2005!

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Fully satisfied with the online service for application and refund payment.

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Many thanks to Sharone for his responsiveness and professionalism in amending my Globe PVT contract. I had what I wanted and quickly more Good continuation

Emeline wrote a review about Globe PVT

Great performance. Sharone is quick and has helped me the best and answer all my questions. Being abroad and not having a lot of network, it is on her that I could turn to know at best the steps to carry out. I strongly recommend...

Delphine wrote a review about Globe PVT

Very good care.

Aurélie wrote a review about Globe PVT

I have sent all the necessary documents easily thanks to the online refund form. I received a refund confirmation a few days later. My experience is positive!

Kevin wrote a review about Globe PVT

I have a herniated disc in Canada. My support and my repayments were efficient and fast.

Marion wrote a review about Globe PVT

Easy and fast! Thank you!

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