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Complementary coverage for expat health insurance plans.

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Key benefits

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Customised coverage for expats

  • Repatriation or emergency medical transportation
  • Repatriation of mortal remains in the event of death
  • Repatriation of other insured relatives in the event of death
  • Return transportation costs to the expatriation country for the insured once medical issues resolve
  • Early return benefits including round-trip travel expenses
  • Psychological support
  • Assistance benefits are valid in the case of an epidemic or a pandemic (Covid-19 included)
  • Optional personal liability coverage for physical injury as well material and immaterial damage unintentionally caused to others

Who is this insurance for?

  • Expats of all nationalities aged between 18 and 65 years old
  • The spouse/partner of the primary policy holder, and children living in the same household

Main Benefits

Buy online and get your insurance certificate issued in minutes

  • No health questionnaire
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Family coverage (3 or more people)
  • Multilingual assistance service available 24/7 by phone
  • High-quality benefits leveraging an international network of partners and solid experience in repatriation management
  • Two rates based on the country of expatriation

Complete your expat insurance plan for maximum protection

ACS Travel & Expatriation Insurance Solutions, international mobility expert with more than 40 years of experience offers health and assistance coverage to for people travelling or living outside their country of origin.

Anyone living abroad needs comprehensive expat health insurance adapted to their needs and local healthcare costs—this kind of coverage means real peace of mind for the entire family. However, medical coverage is not always enough.

For instance, repatriation assistance insurance is a must-have for comprehensive coverage in the country of expatriation and during side trips around the world.

In the event of an illness or an accident, if local infrastructures can’t provide adequate medical care, ACS organizes medical transfer and covers its costs so that you can receive the care you need in the nearest competent hospital to your country of origin or your country of expatriation.

That’s why ACS offers an insurance solution for expats who already have medical coverage and want the additional support of repatriation coverage.

And for the most comprehensive coverage available, ACS also offers optional personal liability coverage.

Repatriation Assistance

Designed to complete and reinforce expatriate's international protection

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Don’t hesitate to contact ACS to learn more about Globe Traveller travel insurance. You can reach the team by phone or on our Globe Traveller Support forum where ACS advisors answer your questions every day.

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