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Do you want to explore countries like Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand or Japan and find work to supplement your travel funds?
You can, if like thousands of young travellers do every year, you apply for a Working Holiday Visa (WHV).
Welcome to, the reference website where you’ll find all the info you need to apply for your visa, get ready for your trip and make the most of your year abroad.

What is the WHV and how does help you?

The Working Holiday Visa program gives travellers the opportunity to explore a country for up to one or two years, and the chance to work to support themselves while abroad.

A person with a Working Holiday Visa is called a “WHV holder” in English and a “PVTiste” in French, hence the name of this website!

But English and French aren’t the only languages spoken in the WHV community, since bilateral agreements were signed by around 60 countries.

To see the list of all the countries you could explore as a WHV holder, check out the WHV Program Around the World. is more than just a free, comprehensive reference website—it’s a community of travellers helping you before, during and after your WHV experience and answering any question you may have about the visa application process, house hunting, job hunting, etc. You can even meet up with other travellers at home or abroad, during your trip.

WHV eligibility requirements

Applying for a WHV is a relatively straightforward process with few basic eligibility requirements.

Age Limits

Generally, you must be 18-30 at the time of application. You can be up to 35 years old for a few destinations.


You need a valid passport (sometime, a passport remaining valid months after your travel dates). Your passport (i.e. your citizenship) determine the destinations available to you as well as specific WHV requirements.


You need to leave home with some savings. The exact amount required depends on your destination. Some countries ask to see a proof of funds when you apply for your WHV while other check it upon arrival.


You have to be in good health and you may have to prove it. Some countries require a medical exam, other ask you to fill out a medical questionnaire (answers can trigger a medical exam request).

Background Check

You must state if you have a criminal record. Some countries require a police clearance certificate while for others you simply have to fill out a questionnaire. Some convictions stop entry, others don’t.

Travel Insurance

You must get medical and comprehensive hospitalization insurance for the length of your stay. For most destinations, it’s a requirement—and even if it’s only “recommended,” do buy it because medical care abroad can be very expensive. More info…

Why you should apply for a WHV?

16 Good Reasons to Apply for a Working Holiday Visa

Where can you go on a Working Holiday adventure?

Working Holiday program requirements and destinations depends on your age and country of citizenship. Select yours and find out where you can go on a Working Holiday adventure.

The age limit for the Working Holiday program is 18-35

Why is the WHV program awesome?


Very Basic Eligibility Requirements

You don’t need specific degrees or credentials, your work experience is irrelevant and you don’t even have to show any language skills. Basically, anyone within the age limit and with sufficient savings can apply.

A lot of Flexibility

With a WHV in hand, you can do whatever you want. You can travel around a country for a year, working or volunteering for meals and accommodation along the way. You can settle in a city and find a job in your field to gain valuable experience. Or you can travel for a few months, settle down for a while, and hit the road again.

Few Applications Denied

Most applicants are granted the WHV they applied for. Do watch out for annual participation quotas, though—some destinations are very popular and WHV can be gone within minutes.

Complete Freedom

Most of the time, you need to find an employer before applying for a visa or you have to be part of an exchange program to spend a few months studying in a foreign country. A WHV is a passport to freedom—all you have to do is board the plane to destination

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