Vanmates: $50 offered on your accommodation in Canada

What is Vanmates?

Vanmates helps international students, new immigrants, and young professionals find housing in Canada. 

Situated in Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto, their various locations have helped thousands of people find their perfect home away from home. 

Their mission is to simplify the process of moving to and starting fresh in a new city. For an affordable fee, their team of experts will help guide you to the ideal living space that is adapted to your specific needs.

What kind of homes are available? 

Vanmates offers three types of housing solutions: 

  • Homestay with a local family 
  • Co-living and common spaces with other travellers 
  • Private living spaces 

The rental options are flexible, there is long term and short term housing. 

What is the special offer and how do I get it? 

  • 1. Go to
  • 2. Choose your city and desired housing type.
  • 3. Choose a home that meets your criteria. 
  • 4. You can then pose your questions to an agent, pre-reserve the home, or get on the waitlist.
  • 5. In parallel, fill out this form to get the $50 discount available to members (minimum one month rental).


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