Though geographically small, Lille nonetheless boasts a number of unique places to discover. This article could have been much longer, but I’ve selected a handful of spots that, in my opinion, deserve your attention most. Whether you are just passing through Lille as a visitor or thinking about moving there, be sure to add the following to your bucket list.


Le Tripostal is a place dedicated to contemporary art. Once a sorting centre for mail, this venue that spans 6000 square meters has since become a home to temporary art exhibitions. In August 2023, for example, I had the chance to discover the Au bout de mes rêves (At the end of my dreams) exhibit of the Vanhaerents Art Collection. There are plenty of exhibits that are out of the ordinary, you may just find yourself at their next one.

Quay of Wault

Despite Lille’s high level of rainfall, it’s difficult to find any bodies of water there. Thankfully, there is the Quay of Wault. This is the ideal place for anyone who is homesick for the sea. Okay fine, it might not be anything like the open sea, but it’s better than nothing! On warm sunny days, relaxing on the quay is a pure pleasure.

Quai du Wault

Cavrois Villa

For fans of design, a visit to this architectural gem is a must. A true modern chateau, the Cavrois Villa was built between 1929 and 1932. It now belongs to the French state and has been classified as a historical monument. Admire the work of architect Mallet-Stevens, considered a visionary ahead of his time.

Before anyone starts calling me out in the comments, yes it’s true that the Cavrois Villa is not actually in Lille, but rather in Croix. It’s about 30 minutes away by public transportation if you take the tram (direction Roubaix) and get off at the Villa Cavrois stop.

Villa Cavrois

Vauban Garden

Neighbouring the citadelle, the Vauban Garden is a large green space where you can picnic or sunbathe (when the sun peeks through). These 3.5 hectares of greenery are well appreciated in Lille, which is otherwise not a city known for its nature. If you have the time, you can continue your stroll toward the citadelle. As Lille is a rather sporty town, you will see many joggers at this spot, enough perhaps to even motivate yourself into motion!

Citadelle de Lille

Parc du Héron

As it turns out, the Quay of Wault is not the only body of water in Lille. You can also find a magnificent lake at the Parc du Héron. Because the park is a few kilometres outside of the city, locals say it is the midpoint between the urban and the countryside.

The Parc du Héron covers an area of 110 hectares and has a pleasantly walkable perimetre of 5km. If you are interested, you could also stop by LaM (Lille Métropole Museum of Modern Art), which is just next to the park.

A few other local spots

Coffee maker

Both an espresso bar and a roaster, Coffee maker is the perfect place to sip on a coffee and enjoy a little dessert. They also serve brunch and lunch. And if the sun is out, don’t hesitate to sit outside in their interior court or storefront terrace.

  • Address: 151 Rue Pierre Mauroy, 59800

Café Muda

Roaster in the Moulin neighborhood of Lille, Café Muda is the spot to buy high quality coffee. On some Saturdays, they offer workshops (reservation required) for the public to discover the world of coffee and develop their senses for the beloved beverage. I’ve done this workshop before and cannot recommend it enough! If you’re short on time, you can also opt to get a drink to go.

  • Address: 102 Rue d’Arras, 59000

Briocherie Sylvana

Where can one find the best brioche bread in Lille? Obviously it’s at Briocherie Sylvana. They have two locations, and the one in Moulin is by far my preferred. This is because that location is more accommodating: you can sit inside and leisurely enjoy your brioche. But if you just want to take something to go or walk and eat, then the location in Old Lille is a good option too.

  • Locations: 24 Bd Victor Hugo, 59000 and 56 Rue Saint-André, 59800

Le Bettignie (Brussels Beer Project)

Get a taste of Belgium with the beers at Brussels Beer Project, in Old Lille. Papa Raffaele may be famous for its pizza in Lille, but the pizza at Le Bettignie gives even them a run for their money! But good as their pizza may be, their real showstopper is their beers. They have more than a dozen to choose from, so you are sure to find something to your taste.

  • Address: 3 Av. du Peuple Belge, 59800

Ch’tite Brigitte

If you only had time for one meal in Lille, make it Ch’tite Brigitte. They offer all the region’s specialty dishes: welsh, fricadelle, flamiche au maroilles, and the famous carbonnade flamande (Flemish carbonnade). You can enjoy your meal in the warm and cozy setting. You might even feel like you’re dining at a friend’s or relative’s home. The staff there are also very nice!

  • Address: 10 Rue des Bouchers, 59800

Le Singe Savant

It can be hard to find a bar with good beer and good music that’s not too loud. Le Singe Savant has both! To keep things interesting, the selection of beers offered here changes regularly. And if you discover something that you really like, you can buy a reserve for consumption in the comfort of your own home. In this warm and cozy setting you’ll also find some board games, as well as snack options if you happen to be peckish.

  • Address: 134 Rue d’Arras, 59000

Le Sonore

A relative newcomer to the Old Lille neighbourhood, Le Sonore is an audiophile restaurant bar. If you like design, you will appreciate the restaurant’s unique decor. The food and cocktails are just as great as the ambiance. With its menu that changes regularly, there is always an opportunity to discover new flavours. Le Sonore is a real gem, I might even say it’s my favourite place of all. Hurry and make a reservation!

  • Address: 13 Rue Saint-André, 59800

And even more…

I hope you enjoyed reading about these recommendations. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below with your favourite places in Lille. Even though I’ve been here for almost two years, I still have so much left to discover in Lille, the capital of French Flanders.


Je suis Meghan, rédactrice web pour Pvtistes. Je suis Québécoise, originaire de la Côte-Nord. Je suis en PVT France depuis un peu plus de 1 an déjà. Je me suis installée dans le département du Nord, à Lille.

I’m Meghan, a writer for Pvtistes. I’m originally from the Côte-Nord region of Quebec. For my working holiday, I settled in Lille, the Nord department of France, and I’ve been here for just over one year now.

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