TransferMate is an international money transfer service that offers a faster and cheaper way of transferring funds between your own accounts, regardless of the country you are in and for all the countries of the working holiday visas (among others).

This will allow you to make transfers at an attractive rate at the beginning of your WHV, during your stay and probably when returning to your home country! The website is completely secure and the service is fully regulated so you can transfer your funds safely.

What are the benefits of using TransferMate?

It’s faster

TransferMate transfers money to your bank account in no longer than two or three business days after receiving funds locally.

Lower fees and a better exchange rate

Exchange rates are far more competitive than those offered by your bank, so you save money on each transfer you make. You pay a flat fee of €7.50 (instead of €15), no matter how much money you send.

Customer care specialists on stand by

TransferMate has over 10 years experience facilitating overseas money transfers and is regulated by the financial authorities in all the countries where its services are provided. Customer care specialists are available over the phone and on Live Chat to answer your questions. You will also receive an automatic confirmation email when the funds are credited to your account.

An awarded company recognized worldwide

TransferMate, a SWIFT payment system member, is proud to have received top industry awards, including:

  • HSBC’s European Business Award (2010)
  • Deloitte’s Best Managed Company Award (2010 and 2011)
  • Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year Award (2009)
  • Best Payments Company (2017)
  • International Payroll Payments Supplier of the Year (2017)

So, how does it work?

These are the steps to follow to make a transfer from one account to another.

1st step

Register for free on TransferMate

We strongly recommend setting up an account before you leave! This will make the admin steps easier and speed up the processing times of your first payment. 

It’s free to sign up and you can do so with these methods:

Subscribe and get a 50% discount
No matter what option you choose, we will email you a form to fill out. You will need to provide basic personal and banking information. Once completed, scan it and email it back to TransferMate ([email protected]) or fax it along with a copy of your passport and a recent proof of address (e.g. phone bill, rent receipt, bank statement, utility or tax bill, etc.).


The rates given on the TransferMate Homepage are what is called the interbank rates, or the live rates. These are not the rates that will be offered and used when making your payment. It is important to contact an agent or to open an online account to get a live rate quote. It’s free and you will be under no obligation to use the service.

Important information

For transfers from Canada to France, if you are no longer in Canada, please check with your bank if you are able to send funds to TransferMate prior to booking the exchange rate. Some banks won’t let you do the transfer if you are not located in Canada. If you cancel a booking, cancellation fees may apply. Once the rate is booked, you will have 48 hours to send us the funds.

2nd step

Check TransferMate’s current exchange rate
Contact one of our customer care specialists to get the current exchange rate.

3rd step

Compare it to your bank’s exchange rate
Compare to make the best deal. Note that exchange rates fluctuate quickly, so do check at the same time for a more accurate comparison!

4th step

Got a great exchange rate with TransferMate? Book your payment!

If you decide to book an exchange rate, you will have 48 hours to wire the funds in order to avoir paying cancellation fees. Make sure to check your daily limit and to add TransferMate’s local bank account as a beneficiary before booking the rate.

5th step

Transfer the funds locally

You can book a transfer for free; just contact one of our customer care specialists by phone, email or via Skype.

If you secured a good exchange rate but do not have a foreign bank account yet, no problem! Just book the payment and get the money when you land in Canada, Australia or elsewhere. All you will need to do is to provide TransferMate with your new banking information, and the funds you booked will be deposited to your local account.

6th step

Money within 48 hours
Your funds will be transferred into the local currency, therefore you should not have to pay any additional bank fee. However, note that each bank sets its own set of fees. Do check if your local bank charges transfer fees: if fees apply, are they sending fees (in which case you will probably have to pay them), or because you are receiving funds from another currency ? If it’s the second option, because you will receive a same currency transfer thanks to TransferMate, you won’t have to pay the fees.

For more info, feel free to contact a Customer Care Advisor:

Don’t hesitate to contact TransferMate if a step is unclear or if you would prefer speaking to someone directly to get all your questions answered.


If you wish to send funds to an individual to pay a rent for example, we strongly recommend reading this article How to avoid scams while on a WHV

If you have a doubt on whether to trust your contact person or not, feel free to ask a question on our forum to get some practical advise from other working holiday makers.

Update October 2017: in Canada, certified documents are no longer needed!

Update june 2017: In Canada, Scotia bank won’t accept funds from any payment provider if you are not in Canada. Scotia will only accept bank to bank transfers who will be more costly and a poor exchange rate will be applied.

Update February 2014: INTERAC transfers from Canada are now permitted with TransferMate using the email address: [email protected]

Update November 2015: It is no longer possible to send funds in South Korea in KRW. Only EUR transfers or USD transfers can be done in this country.