Plane tickets to and from New Zealand: preferential fares negotiated with airlines (Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Oman Air, etc) with no change fee and one checked bag up to 40kg.
Ulysse is the best rated travel agency in Europe. We are proud to offer special deals for travel to Australia and New Zealand. These offers were negotiated with airlines specifically for the pvtistes community!

What is the special offer?

For the entire period of validity of your study visa or work visa (such as the Working Holiday Visa), you can benefit from preferential airfare1 from your home country to New Zealand (one-way or roundtrip) and from New Zealand to your home country (one-way only):
Includes 1 checked bag up to 30kg (and up to 40kg for Singapore Airlines and Oman Air)
Change travel dates for free(2,3,4)
Cancellations are possible5

1 Participating airlines of these flexible conditions (checked bag, modifiable and cancellable tickets) include Qantas (Australia’s national carrier), Singapore Airlines, and Oman Air. The following airlines also offer preferential rates: Air India, Qatar Airways, British Airways, Emirates, and Air Canada.

2 A €10 service fee is applied by the travel agency for changes and cancellations.

3 If the new ticket is priced higher than the first, the traveller is responsible for paying the difference. If the new ticket is priced lower than the first, the difference will not be reimbursed.

4 Tickets are only valid for 12 months. For stays of longer than 12 months, travellers will therefore need to purchase the return trip separately.

5 Fees may be withheld by the airline on your reimbursement (starting at €100 per booking). Travellers seeking reimbursement must request cancellation of the ticket, and Ulysse will process the cancellation on their behalf. Travellers who simply do not present themselves at the airport on the day of departure without prior notice will not qualify for reimbursement.

Who can take advantage of this offer?

Eligibility extends to anyone who is going to New Zealand temporarily on a work visa or a student visa. Eligible individuals can make use of this deal as many times as they wish during the period of validity of their visa (including WHV).

How to access the offer?

To take advantage of the special offer, you must reserve your plane ticket for New Zealand by using the following portal:

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