Guide to Working Holiday in Canada

The Guide to Working Holiday in Canada is a useful tool for those interested in applying for one of the International Experience Canada (IEC) work permits — Working Holiday, Young Professionals or International Co-op.

300 pages to get ready for Canada!

Dreaming of Canada? You’re not the only one—it’s one of the top Working Holiday Visa (WHV) destinations. Every year, thousands of travellers from all over the world spend months exploring the country and working along the way.

While this is not the ultimate and definitive guide to Canada— you’ll find much of the information on our website and up-to-date tips on the forum—it still gives you a very comprehensive overview of the WHV scheme, trip planning, options to consider and more.


01. Why should you apply for a WHV?
02. One WHV, many ways to live the experience
03. The WHV experience with a disability
04. Where should I go?
05. Going off the beaten track – A few testimonies
06. An overview of Canadian provinces and territories
07. Applying for a WHV
08. The first steps to prepare for the adventure
09. How can I find the best health insurance policy?
10. Step-By-Step Pre-Trip prep
11. Last steps before leaving the country

01. Landing in Canada
02. Applying for a Social Insurance Number
03. Registering with your local embassy or consulate
04. Opening a bank account and transferring your money
05. Choosing your internet and cellphone provider
06. Becoming a “Canadian customer” grocery shopping and more

01. Improving your French or English skills
02. Finding long-term accommodation
03. Growing a network and creating a Canadian-style resume
04. Looking for job offers and going through the hiring process
05. Volunteering with WWOOF and Workaway
06. Buying a car or van
07. Canadian culture 101
08. Dealing with health issues
09. Dealing with homesickness, anxiety and financial issues

01. Getting around in North America
02. The best adventures in Canada
03. The best destinations across Canada
04. Road trip 101
05. Tips for crossing the US border without hassle

01. Dealing with mixed feelings and the reverse culture shock
02. Going back to Canada… Or travelling elsewhere!


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Find out the most

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Lots of information on the procedures and testimonials of detailed pvtistes. Thank you for your work !

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the guide allowed me to get to know the exhibitors better and target those who would be most useful to me, discover the different offers.

Eric joel
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Thank you for this guide, I hope to get a job in Canada.

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I want to go study in Canada

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It was useful to me for everything I was looking for there is not a single answer that I did not get thank you for a really complete site

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I want to settle in Canada

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I found answers to a lot of my questions, very well detailed and precise answers with testimonials that illustrate situations encountered on the spot. I found it comprehensive and very useful.

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The guide is extremely comprehensive. It is full of diverse and varied information.
The number of pages can be scary when first opened, but all the information is given in the summary!

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it allows you to recap the important points to check before departure. In addition, it allows us to anticipate subjects that we would not have thought of on the steps to take (social security, tax, etc.) or things to take in the valid ect.
I don’t know if this is the place but I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the work you do, which allows us to focus on this adventure with a little less stress and apprehension that this departure can cause.