Chapter 1
Chapter 2
WORKING HOLIDAY VISA AND CANADA 101 - Why should you apply for a WHP?
Chapter 3
One WHP, many ways to live the experience
Chapter 4
The WHP experience with a disability
Chapter 5
Where should I go?
Chapter 6
Going off the beaten track—a few testimonies
Chapter 7
An overview of Canadian provinces and territories
Chapter 8
Applying for a WHP
Chapter 9
The first steps to prepare for the adventure
Chapter 10
How can I find the best health insurance policy?
Chapter 11
Step-by-step pre-trip prep
Chapter 12
Last steps before leaving the country
Chapter 13
O, CANADA, HERE I AM! - Landing in Canada
Chapter 14
Applying for a Social Insurance Number
Chapter 15
Registering with your local embassy or consulate
Chapter 16
Opening a bank account and transferring your money
Chapter 17
Choosing your Internet and cellphone provider
Chapter 18
Becoming a “Canadian customer”—grocery shopping and more
Chapter 19
MAKING THE MOST OF YOUR CANADIAN ADVENTURE - Improving your French or English skills
Chapter 20
Finding long-term accommodation
Chapter 21
Growing a network and creating a Canadian-style resume
Chapter 22
Looking for job offers and going through the hiring process
Chapter 23
Volunteering with WWOOF, HelpX and Workaway
Chapter 24
Buying a car or van
Chapter 25
Canadian culture 101
Chapter 26
Dealing with health issues
Chapter 27
Dealing with homesickness, anxiety and financial issues
Chapter 28
EXPLORING CANADA - Getting around in North America
Chapter 29
The best adventures in Canada
Chapter 30
The best destinations across Canada - The best destinations across Canada
Chapter 31
Road trip 101
Chapter 32
Tips for crossing the US border without hassle
Chapter 33
THE ADVENTURE IS OVER… NOW WHAT? - Dealing with mixed feelings and the reverse culture shock
Chapter 34
Going back to Canada… or travelling elsewhere!

Dreaming of Canada? You’re not the only one—it’s one of the top Working Holiday permis (WHP) destinations. Every year, thousands of travellers from all over the world spend months exploring the country and working along the way.

Canada is a place where you can experience unique weather conditions, see stunning landscapes and discover an interesting culture. Add potential work opportunities and interesting activities to try at least once and it’s easy to see why it’s on so many “countries to visit” lists. With a WHP, you could make your Canadian dream come true and spend a year or two (depending on your country of citizenship) working and travelling in the “true North strong and free.”

While this is not the ultimate and definitive guide to Canada—you’ll find much of the information on our website and up-to-date tips on the forum—it still gives you a very comprehensive overview of the WHP scheme, trip planning, options to consider and more.

Let’s start with a first tip. Every year, the Government of Canada sets a WHPw quota for each partner country. The number of WHPs released varies greatly from one country to another—there could be a few hundred to a few thousand WHPs available to a few hundred or hundreds of thousands potential applicants. The International Experience Canada (IEC) season’s opening dates change every year, but it usually starts in the fall. So, if you’re interested in applying for a WHP, stay tuned to jump on the opportunity and secure it!

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Cofondatrice de, j'ai fait 2 PVT, au Canada et en Australie. Deux expériences incroyables ! Je vous retrouve régulièrement sur nos comptes Insta et Tiktok @pvtistes avec plein d'infos utiles !
Cofounder of I went to Canada and Australia on Working Holiday aventures. It was amazing!

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