Apostille certification, legalization and translation of your official documents (France)

Chapter 10: Apostille certification for citizens of Russia

Published: 31-01-2018



Apostille certification for citizens of Russia

Most of the information is in Russian. However, note that:

  • It’s best to get your birth certificate in Russia before you leave the country.
  • You should communicate with a branch of the civil registry office, “ZAGS” (Zapis Aktov Grazhdanskogo Sostoyaniya / Управление записи актов гражданского состояния).
  • The apostille, which can only be obtained in Russia, is issued by territorial bodies of the Ministry of Justice and other bodies with executive power (e.g. the Federal Agency for Education of the Russian Federation). ZAGS should be able to apostille your birth certificate.
  • Once in France, you can have your apostilled birth certificate translated using a sworn translator accredited by the Court of Appeal.
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