Buying a health insurance policy such as Globe WHV is a critical step before going on a WHV adventure. With insurance coverage, you will be reimbursed quickly and efficiently if you need medical care—this is valuable peace of mind for the entire duration of your WHV.

Why Globe WHV is the perfect insurance solution

We’ve been recommending Globe WHV for over 13 years because this insurance solution perfectly meets the needs of travellers going on a WHV adventure.

  • While some countries only strongly advise buying health insurance before your trip, many destinations make it mandatory. For instance, did you know that the duration of your insurance coverage period directly impacts your WHV?
  • Globe WHV offers amazing customer support. The team checks in every day to answer questions posted on the forum, support you every step of the way and make you feel like a valued customer.
  • Globe WHV has been providing insurance solutions to WHV holders for all destinations since 2005.
  • Globe WHV will refund the remaining months on your policy if you go home earlier than planned as long as there are at least two months left on your policy.
  • And last but not least—you can buy the Globe WHV insurance plan online, it only takes a couple of minutes!

Discover the simple Globe WHV online claim form

For claims up to €500, simply email the supporting documents—it’s fast and convenient, especially when you’re on the road! And to make the claim process even faster and easier, you can now use the online, 100% secure form. Just fill it out, send and wait for a confirmation. It will only take a few days for your claim to be processed for reimbursement.



Après un an passé à découvrir l'Australie en PVT, puis un an à Toronto et 6 mois dans l'ouest canadien (toujours en PVT), je suis ensuite partie en vadrouille un peu partout autour du globe. J'ai rejoint l'équipe de en 2018 et je vous accompagne maintenant au quotidien sur nos différents réseaux sociaux. :)

I spent one year exploring Australia on a working holiday, followed by another year in Toronto and 6 months in Western Canada. After that, I travelled around the globe. I joined the team in 2018 and share helpful resources with our community on social media. :)

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