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Globe WHV: you'll be covered for hospitalization, repatriation (after a major accident, for instance), accidental death, personal civil liability, etc.

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once again a huge thank you to Sandra for her availability, her advice and her patience! I wanted to renew my insurance a second time to make up for the ramq’s waiting period. She advised me on the right insurance to choose (expatriate and not pvt) answered all my questions and even made herself exceptionally available to answer me during the weekend given the degree of urgency (I had to renew in less than 24 hours)! A pearl.
I add to this that I had some health concerns and that I have always been well reimbursed! In the top !

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Perfect service, a big thank you to Sandra for her responsiveness regarding my questions following a visit to the doctor in Canada …
I highly recommend GP!

Thanks to the whole GP team.


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Thank you Clementine
Good continuation

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I had dental problems in Australia, I went to the dentist urgently.
   My treatments were a bit high but I was reimbursed up to € 300 (as indicated in the contract). I sent the letter with my bank details and my invoices two months after my treatment, (once asked, and having time to do the administrative work …) and I was reimbursed less than 3 weeks after sending some mail.
  They are very effective …

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Hi Chloe,
If you are satisfied with Globe PVT, why did you put 3/5? 🙂

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Thanks to GP, speed to answer the questions, the whole team is very friendly!

I can only recommend !!


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Thank you Olivier, nice.
Good continuation.

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Good morning all,

I have not yet left for my PVT Australia (more than a week to wait before the big departure), but I already wanted to thank Sandra (and the GP team in general) for her availability and quick response. Sandra has always responded quickly to my questions regarding Globe PVT / WHV / EIC insurance.

Thanks again.

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Thanks thanks.

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Hi all,

I would like to thank Sandra and the entire Globe PVT team for their availability and the speed of their responses. I subscribed to GP insurance before my departure in PVT and I had to renew it in several times because I stayed in Canada thereafter. I never had to be reimbursed because so far I have not needed care (I will not complain, I touch wood), but I just wanted to testify for the quality of service customer. Like I said, I had to renew my insurance and I always had a question or two. Sandra is always available and responds very quickly and accurately.
When I had a payment problem because of my bank card, a GP employee called me at the office to make a payment by phone. And with the 9-hour time difference between Vancouver and Paris, needless to say, the gesture is greatly appreciated.

So to the whole GP team, a big thank you and above all, don’t change anything. To all future PVTists and other future expatriates, if you want insurance with impeccable quality service, look no further.


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I also wanted to testify to my experience with GP, insurance that I have always chosen, whether for my EIC internship in Montreal or for all my tourist trips!

I am traveling for 3 months in Canada and the USA, and I unfortunately had to consult a doctor at the hospital (nothing serious, an infection, it had to be taken care of but I was a priori not on the point of death). The total bill gave me chills and cold sweats (and it wasn’t because of the infection): $ 900. $ 900 for a hospital admission ($ 500 just to be admitted to the emergency room, without any care) then the doctor’s consultation which lasted ten minutes ($ 400).
When you’re in a big city, you can go to several hospitals and clinics to ask for quotes, but in the middle of nowhere, I had no choice.
Without insurance, I would have had to pay 900 dollars out of my pocket: do not forget to take out insurance even when you leave for two days, two weeks or two months in countries as stupidly expensive as the USA.

Fortunately, Globe PVT reimbursed me in a few days: thank you thank you thank you !!!!!!!!

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Thank you for this precious info!

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A small positive testimony:

Like everyone before his departure, one wonders the real interest of an insurance since one is young, in good health and never sick, if one can save 350 €, it is always his!

I was part of this case! but as a precaution I took insurance, and I am not disappointed to have done it !!

In 9 months in NZ, I went to the hospital for a fall on a bicycle (170 €), to see a doctor (100 €) and I was hospitalized for ten days for illness (15,000 €) + repatriation medical care in France (XXXXX €).

I know that my case is rather rare BUT as I have seen, it does not happen only to others! and this is where insurance is useful!

Regarding the two reimbursements, no problem, in about a month, I was reimbursed!

Regarding the hospital, zero fees to pay, all is good to pass administrative level, assistance is at the top and some interlocutors are very cool !!

Thank you Globe PVT !!


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Hello Clement,

Thank you for this return!

Our entire team wishes you a good recovery.

I remain available


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My experience with Globe PVT.
Not related to reimbursement costs but rather to after sales service, if I can put it that way

So here’s my little story.
My boyfriend and I all got our WHV. Departure planned for me, 11/06 and for him, 15/09.

3 months to wait it’s really long. In short, we took out our two insurances via for 1 year with Globe PVT (on our respective dates).

Like I said: 3 months to wait is really long. My boyfriend decided so almost 10 days ago to change his flight and come on 08/25.
Youhou! We are in total euphoria more than 25 days of waiting

And one evening by retracing the last steps to be taken before his arrival, I realize that insurance will be a problem. Good there is 6 hours of difference with France. I still try my shot. I send a message on the forum. It must be like 15:55 on a Friday. I remember it well. I ask my questions and Sharone-GP asks me privately for my boyfriend’s insurance subscription number with his name. It must have been 4:00 p.m. (French time) pcq I didn’t have an answer after that.

So it’s Friday. I say nothing to my boyfriend until I have a response from Sharone and now it is not that on Monday my boyfriend transfers to me the mail of Globe PVT with its insurance updated with the new subscription dates for 1 year from 08/25 !!

Fast and top service!
Thank you Sharone