Everything you need to know to plan for a campervan road trip

Table of contents :
Planning for a road trip
Packing (plus a few green tips!)
Space saving, storage and organization tips
Finding places to stay
Shopping, cooking and eating
Parking your campervan
Finding ways to shower
A few practical road trip tips
Australia in a campervan
Canada and the US in a campervan
New Zealand in a campervan
Chile and Argentina in a campervan

The forum is full of questions (mainly in French for now) about short- or long-term campervan trips in Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Canada or the US, so we thought it would be a good idea to publish a guide with the best tips that apply to all road trips, plus country-specific advice for the most popular destinations.

How can you convert a regular van? What should you bring? How can you save space and organize your life? Where can you eat, sleep and shower? Where can you park your van? Read on for answers to all these questions and don’t hesitate to add your own tips in the comment section at the bottom!

If you’re a van life expert or if you want to dig deeper into a specific aspect of your planned road trip, start a new thread on the forum or on our app.

Ten road trip tips

1. Buying, renting or sharing a campervan? Do the math and weigh the pros and cons of each option.

2. Don’t underestimate travel times and distances. The point is to enjoy the trip, not to rush from point A to point B and miss all the sights.

3. Plan your trip but don’t over-plan—there are detours worth taking and unexpected situations worth enjoying.

4. Even if you have a GPS, splurge on a paper map. Yes, paper. You’ll see, it’s useful.

5. Include gas, food, camping and park entrance fees, tolls, activities, insurance coverage, etc. in your budget.

6. Gear up for the wild! Bring warm clothes, water and food, supplies (e.g. bug repellent), flashlight, first-aid kit, etc.

7. If you’re converting a van, make sure to set your road trip date accordingly. Realistically, DIY work takes time.

8. List all the places where you can park your vehicle legally along the way.

9. For “green” showers, use biodegradable products and set up a solar shower.

10. Go for it! You’re in for an amazing adventure!

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