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Barista assistant

A few days after finding my glassy job, I was contacted by a small French bistro to learn how to be a barista assistant. Again, I knew nothing about this field. I didn’t even drink coffee at the time. But I had a very good feeling with the owners, so I tried it.

Specifically, for this job, I was doing the espresso shots to help the barista who was working the milk. I also made ice coffees, fruit juices and smoothies. Sometimes I was a waitress or a dishwasher.

This was one of my favorite jobs in New Zealand for many reasons.

First of all, I loved learning more about coffee and how to work with it. I also loved the dynamics and speed: grinding the coffee beans, weighing them, tapping, making the shot, checking the flow time, sending the coffee out. I constantly felt like I was in a state of flow and “dancing” with my hands.

Secondly, the work environment was probably the healthiest of any job I have ever had in my life. The employers were so caring. I felt respected and appreciated. When I made mistakes, they would talk to me about it with an approach such as “here’s your mistake, what can we do to prevent it from happening again?” In addition, since I worked at 2 locations, I saw very little of my partner, who would therefore come to work for coffee in the afternoon just to spend a few moments in my company. Many times, the bosses would send me on break at those times so I could enjoy being with him. It may be just a detail, but all these little details make a big difference to me.

I think the well-being of everyone was really a priority at this place. So there was a very nice atmosphere and it was a real pleasure to go to work. Everyone was nice and I had a wonderful time with my colleagues.


If I had to point out one negative, it would be the length of my contract. Unfortunately, my new visa did not allow me to work there any longer but I would have loved to stay. I would also have liked to learn how to work with milk but, again, the duration of my contract did not allow me to do so.

Bottom line: tested, more than approved.

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