10Cost of living in Yukon and in the Northwest Territories

There’s plenty of land available, yet the cost of living is relatively high in Yukon and in the Northwest Territories. Rent is particularly expensive and finding affordable housing is a challenge. It’s common to rent a room from a local and to find a place through word-of-mouth, which is why we have less data available. If you venture up North, do share your experience with us!

Minimum wages

The minimum wage in Yukon is $17.59 per hour.

The minimum wage in the Northwest Territories is $16.05 per hour.

Cost of living in Whitehorse (Yukon)

Rent prices

In Whitehorse, Yukon’s biggest city, expect to pay $1,000 per month for a bachelor apartment and $1,600 per month for a one-bedroom apartment. A room in a shared house should start around $750 per month.

Public transportation

Whitehorse Transit operates the city’s bus system:

  • Single trip: $2.50
  • 10 single trips: $23
  • Monthly pass: $62

For more info, read Fares.


  • Restaurants: a meal and a non-alcoholic drink set you back about $35 (plus tax and tip)
  • Bars: a beer is $10
  • Movie theatre: a ticket is $15

Cost of living in Yellowknife (Northwest Territories)

Rent prices

According to the CMHC, a bachelor apartment starts from $1,336 per month and a one-bedroom apartment from $1,597 per month… yes, affordable housing is an issue in Yellowknife. Note that food (especially produce, dairy products, etc.) is very expensive as well. However, wages are generally higher.

Public transportation

Yellowknife Transit provides a bus service for the city:

  • Single ticket: $3
  • Monthly pass: $75
  • Annual pass: $750

For more info, check Fares.


  • Restaurants: a meal and a non-alcoholic drink sets you back $40-$50 (plus tax and tip)
  • Bars: a beer is $8
  • Movie theatre: a ticket is $14
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