Once you have your Working Holiday Visa (WHV) in hand, you now have 12 months to land in Australia. It’s time to decide when you’re going to fly Down Under and start your adventure. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the key factors to consider when making your final decision.

When should you start your Australian WHV adventure?

As with deciding where to land, many working holiday makers also need to think about when to land in Australia.

For some of you, it’s easy to figure out when you want to go, like if your exams end in July, you’ll be boarding a plane the following month because you just can’t wait (… and gave your roommate notice!). For others, especially those who have a permanent job, picking a date or at least a month may be trickier.

Here are some criteria to consider when making your decision.


If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, keep in mind that the Southern Hemisphere seasons are opposite.

Looking forward to sunny Oz? You’ll want to plan your arrival according to the regional climate and season.

Depending on your arrival month, here are the weather conditions in Australia:

  • June/July/August: Winter

Even in Australia, winters can be harsh. In the southern part of the country, temperatures are relatively low and snow is not uncommon.

But Australia is a huge country. When winter starts in the south, the rainy season ends in the north so the weather turns dry and the climate becomes mild—perfect to avoid buying a winter jacket!

In Sydney and Melbourne, for example, temperatures are generally low at this time of year. In Darwin, Cairns and Brisbane, on the other hand, the weather is nice. If you’re planning to arrive in Australia in June, July or August, it’s probably best to aim for the north of the country.

  • September/October/November: Spring

Temperatures are slowly going up in the south. In the north, however, the rainy season is fast approaching.

At this time of year, the weather is fairly mild everywhere. In fact, it’s a very popular departure season for backpackers, and it’s easy to see why. From the weather perspective, it seems to be the ideal season.

  • December/January/February: Summer

Hey, Northern hemisphere folks, how about spending the Holidays in a swimsuit, feet in the sand, sipping a cocktail by the water? If that sounds tempting, you’ll love the Australian summer in the south of the country!

Note that in the north, rainfall can be heavy. So, if you want to avoid torrential downpours, you’ll have to give Darwin and Cairns a miss at this time of year. If, on the other hand, when you arrive in Australia, you see that it’s not raining in these regions, you might consider going there, as there will be less competition for jobs since many working holiday makers will no doubt have moved south.

  • March/April/May: Autumn

The sun is still shining, but autumn will soon come full circle and give way to winter. This is still a very pleasant time of year in most of the country, so you can aim for pretty much anywhere.

In the end, whatever month you arrive in, you’ll be able to find a place to meet your expectations. If you like, you can even follow the sun all year round, moving from one state to another. Australia is THE destination for nomadic working holiday makers looking for warm weather and sunshine.

Airfare prices

If you’re flexible, compare airfares—you’ll find your departure date may be a no-brainer. Generally speaking, airfares are higher at the beginning of summer in Australia (i.e. during the holiday season).

The best thing to do is to plan ahead. Arrive before the festive season to enjoy Christmas and New Year’s Day in Australia, or fly afterwards to enjoy this moment with your loved ones before your big adventure.

Job market competition

September is often the peak departure period, but don’t panic, there’s work for everyone in Australia! We’ll tell you all about it in Working in Australia — Opportunities, tips for backpackers and job search advice.

If you arrive before the holiday season, you’ll have a better chance of finding a job in Australia’s major cities, especially Sydney, in the hospitality and tourism sectors. But beware—while there are plenty of vacancies, there are also plenty of applicants. Between backpackers and Australian students on summer vacation at this time of year, the competition will be fierce!

Whatever date you pick will be the right one

Don’t waste too much time wondering when the right time to go is. Your Australia adventure is waiting for you—just buy your plane ticket and fly Down Under! If you’re ready, go for it.

Has this article helped you in your decision? Don’t hesitate to share your departure date with us in the comments!


Je suis partie en PVT Australie en avril 2022. Je suis restée 1 année sur place entre road trip à bord de mon van aménagé et travail (dans la restauration, en ferme, en cleaning en vente, en Freelance, etc). Aujourd'hui, j'ai retrouvé ma vie en France, mais je continue d'animer des ateliers pour parler de mon aventure et pour aider ceux qui souhaitent partir en Australie. Et peut-être un prochain PVT, qui sait ?

I went on a Working Holiday Visa to Australia in April 2022. I stayed for one year, combining road trips in my beautiful van and various jobs in areas like hospitality, farming, cleaning, sales, and freelancing. Today, I've returned to my life in France, but I still conduct workshops to share my adventure and assist those who wish to go to Australia. And perhaps another Working Holiday Visa, who knows ?

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