5Hitchhiking in Canada

Hitchhiking in Canada

Depending on the Canadian provinces and territories (each responsible for its own set of traffic laws), hitchhiking is either illegal or restricted and “not endorsed by the Ministry of Transportation.” In Ontario, for instance, “Section 177(1) of the Highway Traffic Act states that no person, while on a roadway, shall solicit a ride from the driver of a motor vehicle other than a public passenger conveyance (i.e. taxi or bus)”—anyone caught hitchhiking could be hit with a $65 fine.

That said, despite restrictive rules on hitchhiking, it’s still a common practice in several provinces and territories, including Quebec.

Generally speaking, it’s best to take public transportation to exit the city and stand at a highway entrance or a main road to maximize your chances of getting a ride. Truck stops are a good place to meet fellow hitchhikers.

Hitchhiking is a good way to meet people and explore the country. Plus, it’s budget and environmentally friendly!

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