8 Ways to Travel Across Canada

Chapter 1: Introduction

Published: 11-07-2022




Crossing Canada from the Atlantic to the Pacific or even from the US border to the northmost regions is a fun challenge many backpackers put at the top of their bucket list. 

There are plenty of ways to get around this huge country, from more common types of transportation to other more… ahem, unique. Read this guide to explore your options and plan your trip to Canada!

But first, keep in mind that Canada is a big, big country. This is how long it takes to travel between these cities by plane, by train and by car.

Trip By plane By train train (if available) By car
Montreal – Vancouver 5.5 hr 4 days + 10 hr 47 hr
Montreal – Calgary 4.75 hrs N/A 37 hr
Edmonton – Toronto 4 hrs 2 days + 12 hr 34 hrs
Toronto – Montreal 1.25 hrs 5 hrs 5.5 hr
Toronto – Whitehorse 8 hrs N/A 55 hrs
Moncton – Quebec City 3.5 hr 14.75 hr 7.25 hrs
Vancouver – Winnipeg 2.75 hr 2 days + 5 hr 23 hrs
Ottawa – Montreal 40 min 2 hrs 2 hrs
Halifax – Quebec City 3.25 hrs 19 hrs 9.5 hrs
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