10Crossing Canada by bike or on foot

Crossing Canada by bike or on foot

And how about biking across the country? Yes, it takes a lot of work and it requires a certain fitness level, but it would be a fun challenge. There are plenty of scenic roads begging to be explored. Note that most cyclists prefer to avoid the busy and dangerous Ontario portion of the Trans-Canada Highway, and instead travel through the United States, south of Lake Superior.

You can try to be self-sufficient, which gives you more freedom because you won’t need to look around for accommodation. On the downside, it requires carrying everything you’ll need, even if you’re trying to travel light.

No bike? No problem! How about walking across Canada? 

The Trans Canada Trail, the “Great Trail” was completed in 2017—it’s the longest trail in the world with 27,000 k of usable trail. You can hike but also kayak or bike on some sections. Check out other long-distance trails as well, such as the Great Divide Trail, the Juan de Fuca Trail or the West Coast Trail. There are 35 long hiking trails to keep you busy!


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Je suis en PVT au Canada depuis novembre 2021, plus spécifiquement à Montréal. La fin du PVT annonce certainement de futures destinations... :)

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