Everything you need to know to plan for a campervan road trip

Chapter 6: Shopping, cooking and eating

Published: 22-10-2019



Shopping, cooking and eating

Taking a road trip doesn’t mean you will have to stop in fast-food joints twice a day. Remember, you have a campervan and cooking gear!

First, stock up on ingredients. Choose non-perishable and easy-to-store food—cans (tuna, corn, beans, tomato sauce, etc.), pasta, rice, oatmeal, instant soup, instant noodles (buy Korean, Japanese or Chinese brands in Chinatown, they taste much better!), cookies, trail mixes, cereals, tea, coffee, salt and pepper, your favourite spices, etc. Consider buying bulk foods (it’s cheaper!) and organizing it in reusable containers (more room!).

Shop for produce and perishable food along the way. Buy small quantities and keep it cold or cool in a cooler.

Make a list of healthy, cheap and filling recipes before the trip. Keep in mind that most of your food will be cooked over the grill, over an open fire (if available in campsites and if bonfires are allowed) or on a portable stove.

You may want to consider precooking rice and paste to eat cold tossed with veggies, some protein and your favourite sauce or a drizzle of olive oil.

If you cook over a bonfire, don’t forget to make s’mores (graham crackers + chocolate + marshmallow), it’s an American classic! Australian cuisine also has plenty of campfire recipes, including stews, baked veggies, damper, camp foil fries, etc.

Learn campfire safety before you attempt to start one. First, check for fire bans, common in summer when the weather is very dry (in Canada, Australia, the US, etc.). Use a safe location, e.g. a designated fire pit or a site sheltered from the wind with easy access to water. Control the fire and don’t leave it unattended. Always put the fire out before leaving or going to bed.

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