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Chapter 8: Finding ways to shower

Published: 22-10-2019



Finding ways to shower

Staying fresh and clean on the road often means being resourceful and organized.

You will be able to enjoy regular showers in most campsites, motels and hostels. Keep in mind these areas are usually shared and not always as clean as you’re used to—wear plastic sandals to avoid fungal infections.

Rest areas and gas stations may have basic showers (cold water only most of the time). Some campsites let travellers use the facilities for a small fee even if you’re not a guest. Popular beaches may have public showers as well (keep your swimsuit on, shower cabin not included!).

Tired of looking for showers and running water? Get your own! Solar showers are a cheap, simple and green option to wash. Fill the bag with water, hang it on a tree or wall and wait for a couple of hours for the sun to heat the water. Gravity will do the rest when you’re ready! The fanciest systems have decent water pressure and a showerhead. Note that solar showers are also handy to wash dishes.

A couple of examples:

  • 5-gallon camp shower at Kmart
  • 5-gallon camp shower  at Walmart

It’s a good idea to pack wet wipes to freshen up when you can’t shower.

What about your laundry? You’ll find washing machines and dryers in hostels and some campsites. Coin laundry services are still common enough in large cities, especially close to bus or train stations and in ethnic neighbourhoods.

If you don’t have much to wash, do it in the shower!
And when you’re really into the wild, you can always do the laundry in the river or lake using biodegradable soap or detergent. Rinse your clothes with your own clean water after.

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