Everything you need to know to plan for a campervan road trip

Chapter 9: A few practical road trip tips

Published: 22-10-2019



A few practical road trip tips

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  • Need access to Wi-Fi? Head to the library or to a chain restaurant/coffee shop like McDonalds’, Starbucks, Hungry Jacks, etc. You may need to register but access is usually free.
  • Don’t throw away, reuse! Plastic bags can be turned into garbage bags or dirty laundry bags, paper napkins are handy for when you run out of toilet paper, rubber bands can be used to tie a bag, wire is great for small fixes, etc.
  • Don’t leave valuables lying around in your campervan, especially when parked close to a popular spot. Take them with you or hide them inside the vehicle.
  • There’s a reason why many cities were built around rivers or lakes—water is precious and it’s a resource to keep in mind when you’re travelling, especially in remote areas. Fresh water is great to clean your hand, freshen up, do the dishes, etc. but check warnings for potentially harmful bacteria or algae (e.g. didymo in New Zealand and Canada). Always use biodegradable soap and rinse with your own clean water supply. Fill up jugs whenever drinking water is available (gas stations, campsites, rest areas, etc.).
  • Check weather forecasts and news regularly for the latest developments that may affect you.
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