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Chapter 7: Parking your campervan

Published: 22-10-2019



Parking your campervan

Parking spots are the Achille’s heel of van life. Pay attention to signs because with plenty of bylaws, most of them prohibit overnight parking in cities.

To spend the night, you’re better off staying in a caravan park/RV park, in a free or paid campsite or in a rest area. See the Finding places to stay for more details and try to find a guide listing all options for campers and backpackers.

Most attractions and national parks offer free or paid parking spots to visitors. In the wild, you can usually park for a moment as long as you don’t stop right beside a “no parking” sign.

Things get trickier in urban areas. You’ll pay a premium to park right in the centre, if even allowed. It’s often a wiser move to stop in a residential suburban area (free or cheaper parking fee) and use public transit to go downtown. Not sure about local by-laws and parking rules for campervan? Ask at the city hall or the nearest visitor centre! This is especially true in smaller cities, where you can get precious tips.

Finally, if you’re stuck, ask locals or officials if you can park on private or public land. Be straightforward and friendly, you’ll be surprised how generous and accommodating people can be!

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