1The job market in France

The great thing about the Working Holiday Visa is that it grants work authorization, which allows you to flexibly fund your adventures. But looking for a job in a culture and language that is different from one’s own can be a challenge. You can start your job search before or after your arrival depending on your priorities.

As of 2023 year end, there is still a shortage of talent in the French job market, and this is likely to persist. The unemployment rate hovers around 7.4%, and in certain fields where there is mismatch in supply of and demand for qualified talent, young workers struggle to land their first offer. Additionally, companies generally prioritize experienced candidates who already know their domain well. In France, years of experience and quality of educational background are equally important. So depending on the specific field, candidates may need to practice patience, market themselves, and write rock solid cover letters. That said, nothing is impossible!

If you are looking for positions that don’t require any specific formal qualifications, the search will be less challenging. The restaurant industry, for example, recruits massively. Below are the top 10 positions that are most in demand. For more employment statistics (in French), consult the official 2023 labour report by France Travail.

pole emploi stats v3

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In February 2023 I moved from Vancouver to Paris. Adventures await.
En février 2023 j’ai déménagé de Vancouver à Paris. Des aventures m’attendent.

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