Key documents / procedures for WHV holders starting a job in France

Chapter 1: Introduction

Published: 27-01-2018


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With a Working Holiday Visa for France, you can legally get a job in France. However, you do need key documents and you have to complete a few steps after you arrive and before you start working. Read this informative guide and bookmark it as you’ll probably need to refer to it later on!

If you still have unanswered questions, please leave a comment below.

Table of contents :


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Hi pvtistes,

I’m hoping to clarify the most updated information regarding the need to apply for APT.

I’m Australian and obtained the France WHV last month. I will be arriving in January 2022. I saw above that for Australians who obtained WHV after March 1, 2016 do not need to apply for an APT in order to obtain work. Is this correct?

Having said that, I understand I will still need to obtain a ‘numéro de securité sociale’, correct?

Merci d’avance!


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I too am in this exact situation and unable to confirm whether or not I need to validate my French working holiday visa? And if not, I still need to get the social security number yes? Sorry I can’t seem to read the replies to this comment which I suspect would answer my questions!

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