This guide aims to provide you information on what holders of a Working Holiday Visa (WHV) should know regarding the formalities of starting employment in France. We recommend that you read through the contents before arriving in France.

As of April 1 of 2021, the autorisation provisoire de travail (APT, translated as a temporary work permit) no longer exists. WHV holders automatically have authorization to work in France.

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In February 2023 I moved from Vancouver to Paris. Adventures await.
En février 2023 j’ai déménagé de Vancouver à Paris. Des aventures m’attendent.

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niloo1890 I |

Hi Jackson!

In one of the comments you mentioned that there are no restrictions in hours or industries for the France WHV. What about contract types? CDD, CDI? If I’m not mistaken we are limited to CDD only, but I may be wrong. Just want to make sure.

Thank you!

Jackson I |

There are no rules against a CDI. You just have to stop working when your work authorization ends (ie resign). Or switch to a difference visa type at that time.

niloo1890 I |

Perfect, thank you!

Sh3r I |

Hi, thank you for the article. For WHV holders, what is the max hours I can work per week and are there any restrictions on the type of jobs or industries I can work in? Thank you!

Jackson I |

Hi there. There are no restrictions in hours or industries for the France WHV 🙂

melosm I |

Hi there. Thanks for the helpful article. Just a question on the social security–I understand that WHV holders do not need a social security number in the first year. Does this mean that the employee and employer do NOT make any social security contributions? If so, wouldn’t that mean the net income is much higher because it will only be subject to income tax? And does the same also apply to the second year (extension) of the WHV? Thanks for clarifying 🙂

Jackson I |

No, we make social security contributions regardless of whether we are eligible for social security benefits, in both years. The employer withholds it from gross pay.

melosm I |

Thank you, good to know! So we make the regular social security contributions both years of the WHV, but can only begin accessing social security benefits in year 2 (assuming we manage to extend the WHV for a second year)? Thanks again for the helpful info!

Jackson I |

That is correct

theAge I |

Hi pvtistes,

I’m hoping to clarify the most updated information regarding the need to apply for APT.

I’m Australian and obtained the France WHV last month. I will be arriving in January 2022. I saw above that for Australians who obtained WHV after March 1, 2016 do not need to apply for an APT in order to obtain work. Is this correct?

Having said that, I understand I will still need to obtain a ‘numéro de securité sociale’, correct?

Merci d’avance!


laura1995 I |

I too am in this exact situation and unable to confirm whether or not I need to validate my French working holiday visa? And if not, I still need to get the social security number yes? Sorry I can’t seem to read the replies to this comment which I suspect would answer my questions!

Max I |

anyone get an answer on this?

Max I |

would be good if I could see the replies as to know what people said? Cause I have a job, and now am unclear about what to do as I’m being asked for a “titre de sejour” and an “attestation de validation par l’OFII”. Unsure what to do

Jackson I |

1) WHV holders do not need an APT. The visa itself serves as work authorization AND titre de séjour
2) As outlined in chapters 2 and 4, WHV holders do NOT need a social security number in order to exercise employment (although your employer has the option of requesting one on your behalf through the DPAE). Some employers may not be familiar with the WHV, and so may need to be informed on your rights.