Finding a job and working in Canada

Chapter 9: How much can you expect to make?

Published: 24-02-2020



How much can you expect to make?

Minimum wage in Canada

Province or territory Minimum hourly wage
Alberta CAD$15
British Columbia CAD$12.65 (CAD$11.40 liquor server minimum wage)
Manitoba CAD$11.35
New Brunswick CAD$11.50
Newfoundland&Labrador CAD$11.40
Northwest Territories CAD$13.46
Nova Scotia CAD$11.55
Nunavut CAD$13
Ontario CAD$14 (CAD$12.20 liquor server minimum wage)
Prince Edward Island CAD$12.25
Quebec CAD$12 (CAD$12.50 employees receiving tips)
Saskatchewan CAD$11.06
Yukon CAD$12.71

For more information on federal and provincial minimum wage, check out Payworks and Current and Forthcoming Minimum Hourly Wage Rates for Experienced Adult Workers in Canada. Even though it recently went up in Canada, living on minimum wage still requires good budgeting skills, especially in big cities.

Salary ranges in Canada

Many jobs in Canada pay more than minimum wage. Retail and food service jobs are often minimum-wage jobs but in many other positions, you will be offered a higher hourly wage or a salary.

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