Finding accommodation in Australia

Chapter 1: Introduction

Published: 21-06-2019



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Whether you need a place to recover from jet lag when you arrive, a hostel as you’re travelling across the country, a bed to rest after a hard day’s work on a farm or a room to settle down in a city for a few months, here is a comprehensive overview of accommodation options available Down Under.
In the next section, find out where you could stay when you’ve just arrived in Australia.

In the second section, you’ll learn everything there is to know about hostels, including “working hostels,” usually strategically located hostels that can put guests in touch with local employers.

The third section will give you a good overview of the fine art of renting an apartment or a room in Australia if you decide to settle down somewhere for a little while.

The fourth section is dedicated to those who are going to hit the road and travel from one city to the next with info on where to spend a restful night or two and how to find showers, power and Internet access during a road trip.

The last section explores ways to find jobs with free room and board, a great solution for those who want to stretch their budget.

But first, to give you an idea of how much you’ll spend on accommodation, here are the price ranges (in Australia dollars) for several options:

• Hostel: $25–30/night
• Room in a shared apartment in Sydney: $250–300/week
• Campground: $30–35/night
• Working hostel: $120–150/week

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