Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia – What, Where, How (and Why!)

Chapter 8: Harvest charts for each of the eight Australian states

Published: 11-09-2019



Harvest charts for each of the eight Australian states

Now that you know what fruit picking is all about, you’re probably wondering where to go for work opportunities.

We used the comprehensive Harvest Guide to show how you could work your way around Australia:

  • Blue pointers are for towns where you should be able to find work year around
  • Red pointers are for towns where you can find seasonal work

Click on the pointer to see the name of the town, crops harvested or jobs available (picking, thinning, pruning, etc.) and find out the usual requirement for labour:

  • If the cell is green, there’s a high need for labour
  • If the cell is orange, some labour may be required
  • If the cell if red, there are few or no work opportunities

Check the harvest chart for each state for a comprehensive overview of work opportunities throughout the calendar year.

New South Wales

Time of year Crop Region
January to February Grapes (wine harvest) Hunter Valley
January to March Stone fruits Forbes
January to March Berries Tumbarumba
January to May Melons Bourke
February to March Lychees Byron Bay
February to March Grapes (wine harvest) Leeton
February to April Grapes (wine harvest) Euston / Gol Gol / Griffith / Orange / Tooleybuc / Tumbarumba
February to April Berries Young
February to April Apples Orange
February to April Stone fruits Young
February to May Apples Tumut
February to September Grapes Wenworth
March to April Grapes (wine harvest) Young
March to May Apples Batlow/Tumbarumba
April to May Cotton Bourke / Dubbo / Moree / Mungingi / Narrabri / Narromine / Warren / Wee Waa
April to June Cotton Hillston
April to December Vegetables Hay
May to June Grapes (pruning) Bourke
May to July Nuts Ballina/Byron Bay/Lismore
May to July Olives Moree
May to August Citruses Hillston/Tooleybuc / Wentworth
May to September Citruses Bourke
May to October Citruses Narromine
June to July Avocados Ballina/Byron Bay
June to July Citruses Gol Gol
June to August Citruses Griffith/Leeton
June to August Grapes (pruning) Griffith/Hunter Valley/Orange
June to September Grapes (pruning) Euston / Gol Gol / Tooleybuc / Young
June to October Avocados Lismore
July to August Vegetables Hillston
July to September Avocados Coffs Harbour
September to November Berries Ballina / Byron Bay / Coffs Harbour / Lismore
October to January Citruses Gol Gol/Tooleybuc / Wentworth
October to February Citruses Griffith/Hillston
October to March Citruses Leeton
October to November Stone fruits Lismore
October to December Vegetables Wentworth
November Cherries Hillston
November to December Cherries Young
November to December Vegetables Hillston
November to January Grapes (wine harvest) Bourke
December to February Citruses Bourke
December to February Vegetables Griffith
December to February Stone fruits Tooleybuc


Time of the year Crop Region
January to April Apples/Pears Cobram
January to April Stone fruits Cobram
January to April Grapes (wine harvest) Robinvale
February to March Tomatoes Echuca/Shepparton
February to March Stone fruits Shepparton
February to MarchApples/Pears Shepparton
February to April Grapes (wine harvest) Mildura / Nangiloc / Nyah / Swan Hill
February to May Apples/Pears Yarra Valley
March to April Grapes (wine harvest) Yarra Valley
March to April Hops Myrtleford
April to May Nuts Robinvale/Swan Hill
June to July Citruses Swan Hill
June to August Grapes (pruning) Mildura / Nangiloc / Nyah / Robinvale / Swan Hill
June to August Citruses Nangiloc / Nyah
July to August Citruses Mildura
September to December Asparagus Koo Wee Rup
October to March Vegetables Bairnsdale/Lindenow
October to November Vegetables Mildura / Nangiloc
October to December Citruses Swan Hill
November to December Cherries Beechworth/Cobram/Rutherglen
November to December Citruses Nangiloc/Nyah
November to January Stone fruits Yarra Valley
November to January Cherries Yarra Valley
November to February Stone fruits Swan Hill
November to April Strawberries Mornington Peninsula/Yarra Valley
December to January Cherries Mornington Peninsula
December to February Stone fruits Nyah


Time of year Crop Region
January to December Pineapples Innisfail/Lakeland/Tully
January to December Vegetables Laidley
January Grapes/Blueberries Cunnamulla/Mundubbera
January to February Mangoes Bundaberg/Gin Gin
January to April Tomatoes/Peppers Stanthorpe
February Mangoes Childers
February to March Avocados Mareeba
February to April Apples/Pears Stanthorpe
February to April Strawberries Stanthorpe
March to May Avocados Atherton
March to May Citruses Gin Gin
March to June Pineapples Caboolture
April Melons Chinchilla
April to June Custard apples Atherton
April to August Tomatoes Bundaberg
April to August Citruses Gayndah
April to December Vegetables Bundaberg
May to June Melons Ayr
May to July Citruses Emerald/Mundubbera
May to July Macadamia Bundaberg
May to August Raspberries Caboolture
May to November Vegetables Ayr
May to November Tomatoes Bowen
June to August Avocados Gayndah
July to October Strawberries Caboolture
August to October Strawberries Sunshine Coast
September to October Melons Emerald
September to November Melons Bowen
September to December Melons Ayr
September to June Vegetables Gatton
October to December Vegetables Atherton/St George
October to December Tomatoes Bundaberg
October to December Melons Bundaberg
November to December Mangoes Ayr / Giru
November to December Vegetables Childers
November to December Grapes (wine harvest) Emerald
November to December Stone fruits Stanthorp
November to December Strawberries Stanthorpe
November to March Vegetables Stanthorpe
November to April Tomatoes Boonah
December Mangoes Bowen
December Grapes (wine harvest) Mundubbera
December Melons Chinchilla / Gatton
December to January Mangoes Dimbulah / Mareeba
December to February Melons Boonah/Laidley
December to March Grapes (wine harvest) St George
December to March Melons St George

South Australia

Time of year Crop Region
January to March Apples Loxton
February to March Grapes (wine harvest) Angaston / Barmera / Berri / Cadell / Clare / Nuriootpa / Paringa / Renmark / Tanunda / Waikerie
February to April Grapes (wine harvest) Loxton / Lyndoch
February to August Grapes Langhorne Creek/Penola
Mars Grapes (wine harvest) McLaren Cale
April to May Vegetables Coonawarra
June to July Grapes (pruning) McLaren Cale / Paringa / Renmark / Waikerie
June to November Citruses Barmera / Berri / Cadell / Loxton / Paringa / Renmark / Waikerie
July to August Grapes (pruning) Angaston / Barmera / Berri / Cadell / Clare / Nuriootpa / Tanunda
October to November Grapes Angaston / Nuriootpa / Tanunda
October to November Cherries Barmera
November to February Stone fruits Barmera / Berri / Cadell / Paringa / Renmark / Waikerie
December to January Cherries Coonawarra/Penola
December to February Vegetables Coonawarra
December to June Vegetables Penola


Time of year Crop Region
January to June Vegetables Burnie / Deloraine / Devonport / Richmond / Scottsdale / Ulverstone
March to April Apples Launceston
March to April Hops New Norfolk/Scottsdale
March to May Apples Huonville
April Grapes (wine harvest) Launceston
July to August Grapes (pruning) Launceston
September to November Hops Scottsdale
November to May Strawberries Huonville
December to January Cherries Huonville / Richmond
December to January Apples Richmond
December to January Stone fruits Richmond
December to February Cherries New Norfolk
December to April Berries Deloraine
December to May Berries Burnie/Ulverstone

Western Australia

Time of year Crop Region
January to February Mangoes Carnarvon
January to March Melons Carnarvon
February to April Grapes (wine harvest) Margaret River
March to April Apples/Pears Manjimup
June to July Vegetables Carnarvon
June to July Grapes (pruning) Carnarvon
July to August Grapes (pruning) Frankland / Mount Barker (WA)
July to October Melons/Pumpkins Kununurra
September to October Avocados Busselton
October to November Mangoes Kununurra
October to November Citruses Moora
October to December Vegetables Carnarvon
October to December Grapes Carnarvon
November to February Strawberries Albany/Mount Barker (WA)/Swan Valley
December Stone fruits Manjimup
December to March Stone fruits Donnybrook
December to March Vegetables Manjimup

 Northern Territory

Time of year Crop Region
September to November Mangoes Darwin
October to December Mangoes Katherine

Refer to the Harvest Guide and Towns and Crops for more details.

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