Are you a Canadian employer interested in hiring a foreign national? International Experience Canada (IEC) is a Government of Canada program that offers citizens from many participating countries the opportunity to work in Canada. The Working Holiday permit—basically an open work permit—is the most popular IEC category among travellers between 18 and 30-35 years old, and the 2021 application season is just starting.

Since it’s an open work permit, travellers usually apply for their Working Holiday permit from their home country and eventually start the job hunt after they arrive in Canada. They can work anywhere in Canada for as many employers and for as long as their wish until the 12- or 24-month permit expires.

A No-Fee No-Hassle Process for Employers

You may have heard that employers have to pay a fee or complete a number of steps when they hire a foreign national who needs a work permit.

But Working Holiday permits are a much more flexible option:

  • You don’t have to pay any fee.
  • You don’t need a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).
  • You can offer a short-term contract job—Working Holiday permits are typically valid for 12 or 24 months (depending on the applicant’s country of citizenship) but you can start with a two- or three-month contract offer. If you’re happy with your employee, your contract can always be extended.
  • You don’t have to hire an immigration lawyer or consultant—all you have to do is draft a job offer.

You will find all the info you need on the International Experience Canada page.

Bottom line is, hiring a Working Holiday permit holder is as easy as hiring a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen.

When Can My New Employee Start Working?

  • Ask when they can travel to Canada (they may have to give their two weeks’ notice to their current employer or landlord),
  • Keep in mind they will have to complete 14 days of mandatory quarantine when they arrive (which shouldn’t be an issue if they can work from home) if they are not fully vaccinated.

If you need more info or if you have any question, use the comment form below!


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Cofounder of I went to Canada and Australia on Working Holiday aventures. It was amazing!

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