National Bank of Canada: 3 years without fees + a $50 cashback


Welcome offer for newcomers to Canada

Do you have a permanent or a temporary (work or study) visa? Are you planning to build a life in Canada? Become a National Bank of Canada client and:

  • Get up to three years without monthly fees1;
  • enjoy an exclusive telephone accompaniment service 7 / 72 ;
  • benefit from the possibility of a MasterCard® credit card with no credit history3-4 ;
  • enjoy a pan-Canadian presence to serve you.
 Welcome gift

When you open a National Bank of Canada account, you could qualify for a $50 cashback deposited directly to your new account.9

Ready to take advantage of the offer? Start here by opening an account:

Become a client online

Perfect if you are looking to:

  • Open a bank account from another country
  • Transfer funds before you go
  • Access your money as soon as you arrive
  • Save on banking fees
  • Build your credit history
  • Receive assistance for a smooth arrival in Canada
  • Buy a car or home in Canada5.

Eligibility criteria

  • Be a newcomer aged 17 or older
  • Apply to open a National Bank account from your country or within 5 years of arriving in Canada
  • Be the only user of the account
How to take advantage of the offer:
1. Apply for a bank account online.
2. Transfer money from your foreign bank account, if you want to.
3. Once you arrive, meet with an advisor to receive your debit card.
4. Receive $50, deposited into your new National Bank of Canada account!

Why you should do business with us

  • Enjoy the freedom of our flexible online solutions: simplify your banking with our range of innovative products and services.
    See our online solutions
  • Easy access anywhere in Canada: with 450 branches and over 3,330 automatic banking machines6 across Canada, we're available wherever you are.
    Find a branch
  • Assistance 7 days a week.Need help settling in? Contact our experts for advice on housing, work, visas, education or anything else you need to know.
    Learn about the assistance service for newcomers

Ready to apply for the package?

Open a bank account online at any time or meet with an advisor once you arrive in Canada.

Become a client online

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Bjr! Is it possible to open an account remotely?
09.12.2019. 15:59
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Hello Laura,
Yes, it is possible to open a remote account no earlier than three months before your arrival in Canada. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.
Have a nice day! ;)

2019-12-10 15:50:45
1 7
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Is it possible to have the free 3-year offer by going directly through the bank or do I have to do it necessarily by internet first?
Thank you
09.11.2019. 14:24
2 2
This review was posted in French. Show original

I'm Vanessa and I work for the National Bank of Canada.

You can open your account online or directly in Canada in one of our branches.

If you would like more details on our offer, please do not hesitate to contact me by private message.

Have a good day,

2019-11-12 11:58:09
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I recommend the BNC because I had an appointment the same day to open an account and left with my debit card the same day. I received my credit card 1 week after my appointment which is still quick.
There are many BNC branches in all provinces, which is not the case for some banks.
3 years of free bank fees which is a plus too.
24.10.2019. 16:27
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This review was posted in French. Show original

Thank you for the answer.
There is in this case a problem.

Arrived on September 22, I was able to finalize and open my account with the BNC on September 26.
However, after showing the PVT offer, and relaunching to get my credit card, I received a letter explaining that I could not receive it because I am not eligible when everything was done according to the recommendations. from and that I recalled the offer to my advisor (who did not seem to be aware).
After referring my advisor and the 1st person who contacted me to open my account, I was told that they asked for more information on this negative return.
Today is October 17th, I still do not have a credit card so the offer is not respected. In addition, I find myself in the obligation to take a prepaid telephone plan therefore more expensive, I have no explanation, no support, and I am in a bank which is very little present see unknown in Toronto whether it's the number of ATMs or the number of branches.

As a result, the offer completely loses its attractiveness. As I said to my adviser, being disappointed, with no reagent solution and support, I will look elsewhere and (faced with MY experience) advise against all newcomers to take part.
17.10.2019. 15:41
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Same problem for me and my partner. We were refused the credit card and asked for a security deposit of minimum $ 1000 to provide it. It is out of the question for us, so we will surely go to Desjardins. Making a partner offer that is not honored is really problematic. We arrived in August and we still haven't been able to start building our credit history, we can't pay online, we have additional fees on all our subscriptions (mobile, hydro etc.) Really not cool.
2019-10-23 16:33:45
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How long does it take to get a credit card once the account is opened? What are the conditions ?
09.10.2019. 01:03
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Hello, the waiting time is a few days following the request. You just need to have your PVT visa.
Thank you
2019-10-17 13:13:18
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This review was posted in French. Show original

What is the deadline for obtaining the credit card and what are the conditions if there are any?
09.10.2019. 00:54
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This review was posted in French. Show original
I just opened an account and I received the confirmation email.
I have some questions.
When will I be able to set the appointment for my arrival as informed?
Is there no charge for 3 years? Is it true?
Can I access my account online now?
I have already made a first transfer there so I would like to check if it has been taken into account
Is it possible to have a checkbook ready for our arrival?

Thank you.

19.08.2019. 10:37
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This review was posted in French. Show original
Hello, this is Souad from the National Bank of Canada.
First of all, thank you for choosing BNC. here are the answers to your questions.
- You should receive an email from the agency where you opened your account for an appointment. You can validate with them for the transfer.
- You will effectively be free on fixed costs for three years, if you meet all the conditions mentioned on the website.
- You will be able to access your account online when you have activated your account at the branch when you arrive.
- the checkbook will be ready within a few days of your arrival.
We wish you the best of luck for your installation in Canada
2019-08-23 15:54:54
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This review was posted in French. Show original
Hello good night,

Unfortunately, I had my first bad experience with BNC customer service.
I received my confirmation email for my first wire transfer with a document attached to the email.
This document is supposed to open with the reference code of the first account opening email.
Only I tried everything, nothing works, the code does not work on this document.
I just spent 20 minutes being transferred to 3 different people from BNC to hear that they can do nothing ...

Honestly after this first customer service experience I almost want to directly close my account.
If for simple things no one is able to help me, what will it be afterwards.

Can someone please help me? I do not know what to do.
2019-08-23 18:22:52
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at the national bank for 2 years thanks to the recommendations of @daniellestaraci, I am very satisfied and I recommend. very professional customer service and banking solutions adapted to each stage.
24.07.2019. 19:44
1 3
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At the national bank since my arrival over a year ago and without regret! The 3 years free of charge are a great advantage much appreciated and no problem opening an account was quite simple. I recommend !
17.07.2019. 15:48
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Hello, Do you think it would not be as interesting to open an account with Tangerine? (Quebec online bank) whose fees are free? Is it essential to open an account with BNC while being a Pvtiste?
11.07.2019. 18:56