12WHV application mistakes and passport renewal issues

WHV application mistakes and passport renewal issues

“Help! I made a mistake in my WHV application!”

Case #1 – Your application hasn’t been finalized yet

If your application hasn’t been finalized yet (i.e., a decision hasn’t been made yet), you can log into your ImmiAccount:

  • To update your mailing address
  • To update your email address
  • To update your passport information
  • To update your situation
  • To correct a mistake in your application
  • To withdraw your application

Simply click on “Update details” at the bottom-right corner of the table and choose the applicable option.

Case #2 – Your application has been processed and you were granted a WHV

You can make a limited number of changes, including to:

  • Update your mailing address
  • Update your email address
  • Update your passport details
  • Request the cancellation of the WHV

Log into your ImmiAccount and click on “Update details.”

Case #3 – Changing your passport details after the WHV was issued

If for whatever reason, you get a new passport after your WHV was granted, you must notify the Department of Home Affairs and update your passport details. Just before boarding the plane, the airline will check your immigration status, especially when flying with a one-way ticket. If you’re handing a brand-new passport, your travel document isn’t linked to any WHV.

The easiest way to notify the Department of Home Affairs of a change of passport details is to log into ImmiAccount, select “Update details” and “Change of passport details.”


If you made a spelling mistake in your name or changed names, answer “Yes” to “Is the name in the applicant’s passport different to what they have previously advised the department?”

You should normally be answering “No” to the second question regarding the country issuing the passport. If you did become a dual citizenship, the answer should still be “No” because you didn’t apply to the WHV with your new citizenship.

You can now update the following details:


If you ticked “No” to the first question, you can’t change your first or last name. If you ticked “Yes,” you can.

You also have to explain why you’re changing your passport details. Was the document:

  • Expired
  • Cancelled
  • Damaged
  • Stolen
  • Incorrectly recorded
  • Lost

Usually, no further documentation is required after you made the necessary changes. However, we do recommend keeping all documents related to your new passport application and a copy of your previous passport information pages. The Department of Home Affairs may eventually contact you. Take the copy of your previous passport to the airport as well, just in case.

You may not get a message from the Department of Home Affairs to confirm that the update or change was received, which can be a bit unnerving (“Did they get it or not?!”). You can always go back to “Update details” a few days after you made the initial change and click on “Change of passport details.” Answer the first two questions to check the information recorded:

  • If you see your old passport information (or the same mistake you corrected), it may be a good idea to wait for a few more days. Don’t repeat the step to update or correct the info yet, it may just take time for the original modifications to be recorded.
  • If you see your new passport details (or the mistake corrected), it means that the Department of Home Affairs has the right information now. You’re good to go!

In any event, you can print your update question (you can download the PDF document available on your ImmiAccount) and take it with you when you leave home.

Case #4 – Other situation changes

You can contact the Department of Home Affairs through the Working Holiday maker application enquiry form to inform them of any other major change (e.g. pregnancy, marriage, divorce, etc.).

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Alexandre I |

Et comment faire quand on a plus les details de son premier visa ( grant number TRN application id) ( nouveau portable et plus acces a mon ancienne boite mail ! )
merci !!

Josephine I |

So you don’t have to send a visa photo or anything? I’m confused?

Julie I |

Hi Josephine, indeed they don’t ask for a picture but as you have to scan your passport, they see your picture on it 🙂 You’ll get an e-visa with no picture on it.

Adham I |

Petite question, j’ai suivis le tuto corps et amés pour avoir l’erreur “Based on the passport details, CHIKER ADHAM CHAHINE is not eligible to apply using this online service. ”

Je ne sais quoi faire j’ai bel est bien check, toutes les info sont bonnes, si quelqu’un peux m’aiguiller svp

Annelise I |

Salut ! Tu es sûr d’avoir choisi le visa 417 et pas le 462 ? Tu dois aussi vérifier que tu n’as pas fait d’erreur dans ton numéro de passeport. Reprends bien le tutoriel en français point par point pour voir si tu ne t’es pas trompé quelque part : https://pvtistes.net/dossiers/tutoriel-pvt-australie/

stef I |

thanks for the article! I have a question, maybe you can help: I applied for the visa one month before turning 31 and I was requested to do the health examinations. Unfortunately I only got an appointment in six weeks from now and will be 31 when I get the results. Will I still be eligible for the 417 visa?
Thanks so much 🙂

Timstroosnijder I |

How did it go? I might be in a similar situation. Much appreciated.

Niall I |

Hi, it says in the article you can’t arrive in Australia before your 1st WHV is granted. On the Australian Immigration website it says

“You can apply for a visitor visa to come to Australia while you are waiting on an application outcome so long as the temporary visa matches your intentions”.

I’m waiting on my WHV to be granted but I’ve been granted a visitor visa also. Do you know if there would be any problems if I waited for my WHV while in Australia on my visitor visa?

Ellie I |

Useful article, thank you! I was wondering if you’ve received any more information about if a screenshot of your account is accepted?

Annelise I |

Hi! According the feedbacks in our facebook groups, a screenshot (in english) is accepted. 🙂

bruno I |

Merci pour l’article! Juste une question: vous n’avez plus besoin d’un certificat de naissance?

Julie I |

Bonjour Bruno, l’Australie ne demande pas ce document pour le Working Holiday Visa 🙂