Applying for a Working Holiday Visa (Subclass 417) To Australia – The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide with Screenshots

Chapter 3: Should I apply online or submit my application by mail?

Published: 28-06-2019



Should I apply online or submit my application by mail?

You must apply online through ImmiAccount. There’s only one exception—if you have a dependent child, you have to contact the Department of Home Affairs through the Working Holiday maker application enquiry form. Choose “dependent child” in the Lodgement enquiry type drop-down menu.

The WHV application takes around 30-40 minutes and it’s very straightforward. The only documents you need are your passport, your national ID card if you have one , your proof of funds (and the translation, if the original is not in English) and a credit card to pay the fee. Note that it doesn’t matter if the name on the credit card doesn’t match the name on your application.

Okay, we keep on saying that the application is straightforward because compared to many visa applications, it is. That said, you probably want to keep this guide handy—we get it, there’s a lot at stake (a year in Australia!), you’re nervous and official wording can be confusing. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

Only submit your application through the Department of Home Affairs website!

Some websites offer a “visa application service” or even mislead applicants who think they are using a Government of Australia website. You do NOT need to go through a visa service—the process and the questions are the same, only the fee is higher.

As of 2019, the WHV fee is AUD450, plus a credit card fee of around AUD6. If you see a fee in your local currency or a much higher fee, you’re probably not on the official website to apply for a WHV Subclass 417.

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Merci pour l’article! Juste une question: vous n’avez plus besoin d’un certificat de naissance?
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Bonjour Bruno, l’Australie ne demande pas ce document pour le Working Holiday Visa 🙂

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