8Paying the WHV application fee

Paying the WHV application fee

Paying and submitting the WHV application

The WHV application costs AUD495. Note that the fee is non-refundable, even if your WHV is denied. But don’t worry, 99% of applications are successful.

Additional fees apply depending on your payment method:

  • Visa and MasterCard: + 1.40%
  • American Express and JCB: + 1.40%
  • PayPal: + 1.01 %
  • Diners Club International: + 1.99%
  • Union Pay: + 1,90%

Enter your payment information and click “Submit.”

NEW – Working Holiday Visa applications with nil Visa Application Charge

You don’t have to pay any charge.

Now, breathe—you’re done!

The “Acknowledgement of Application Received”

A few minutes after submitting your application, you should receive a “no reply” email with an attachment—’Immi Acknowledgement of Application Received.PDF.”

The attached PDF contains several important reference numbers:

  • Your transaction reference number (that’s the number you saw at the top of the page throughout the online application process)
  • Your application ID
  • Your file number
  • Your Visa Application Charge Receipt Number.

Download the PDF and keep the email, you may need this info later on.

Curious about processing times? Go to the next section!

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Cofondatrice de pvtistes.net, j'ai fait 2 PVT, au Canada et en Australie. Deux expériences incroyables ! Je vous retrouve régulièrement sur nos comptes Insta et Tiktok @pvtistes avec plein d'infos utiles !
Cofounder of pvtistes.net. I went to Canada and Australia on Working Holiday aventures. It was amazing!

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(12) Comments

Alexandre I |

Et comment faire quand on a plus les details de son premier visa ( grant number TRN application id) ( nouveau portable et plus acces a mon ancienne boite mail ! )
merci !!

Josephine I |

So you don’t have to send a visa photo or anything? I’m confused?

Julie I |

Hi Josephine, indeed they don’t ask for a picture but as you have to scan your passport, they see your picture on it 🙂 You’ll get an e-visa with no picture on it.

Adham I |

Petite question, j’ai suivis le tuto corps et amés pour avoir l’erreur “Based on the passport details, CHIKER ADHAM CHAHINE is not eligible to apply using this online service. ”

Je ne sais quoi faire j’ai bel est bien check, toutes les info sont bonnes, si quelqu’un peux m’aiguiller svp

Annelise I |

Salut ! Tu es sûr d’avoir choisi le visa 417 et pas le 462 ? Tu dois aussi vérifier que tu n’as pas fait d’erreur dans ton numéro de passeport. Reprends bien le tutoriel en français point par point pour voir si tu ne t’es pas trompé quelque part : https://pvtistes.net/dossiers/tutoriel-pvt-australie/

stef I |

thanks for the article! I have a question, maybe you can help: I applied for the visa one month before turning 31 and I was requested to do the health examinations. Unfortunately I only got an appointment in six weeks from now and will be 31 when I get the results. Will I still be eligible for the 417 visa?
Thanks so much 🙂

Timstroosnijder I |

How did it go? I might be in a similar situation. Much appreciated.

Niall I |

Hi, it says in the article you can’t arrive in Australia before your 1st WHV is granted. On the Australian Immigration website it says

“You can apply for a visitor visa to come to Australia while you are waiting on an application outcome so long as the temporary visa matches your intentions”.

I’m waiting on my WHV to be granted but I’ve been granted a visitor visa also. Do you know if there would be any problems if I waited for my WHV while in Australia on my visitor visa?

Ellie I |

Useful article, thank you! I was wondering if you’ve received any more information about if a screenshot of your account is accepted?

Annelise I |

Hi! According the feedbacks in our facebook groups, a screenshot (in english) is accepted. 🙂

bruno I |

Merci pour l’article! Juste une question: vous n’avez plus besoin d’un certificat de naissance?

Julie I |

Bonjour Bruno, l’Australie ne demande pas ce document pour le Working Holiday Visa 🙂