2Déclaration préalable à l’embauche (DPAE, the employer declaration)

The following section is pertinent to all employers who wish to hire a WHV holder in France.

It is the employer’s responsibility to send a DPAE (déclaration préalable à l’embauche, or employer declaration) to URSSAF (Unions de Recouvrement des Cotisations de Sécurité Sociale et d’Allocations Familiales), regardless of the type of contract.

This must be done within the 8 days preceding the start of employment (or the trial period), up until the moment before work begins.

The DPAE also allows for social security registration of the WHV holder if it is his or her first job in France, so that (s)he can receive a social security number.

How to submit a DPAE?

Submission of a DPAE is possible online or by mail.

1. Online

Employers can submit the the application online through one of the following websites:

Upon doing so, the employer will receive a confirmation receipt, a copy of which should be provided to you for your records.

2. By mail

Alternatively, employers also have the option of downloading and printing the DPAE application form. Once it is filled out, they can mail it (with tracking number and delivery confirmation) to URSSAF or to the Mutualité sociale agricole fund that they belong to. The organization will then send a confirmation receipt back to the employer.

The employer should provide you a copy of the DPAE form or the confirmation receipt for your records.

Employment change

If for whatever reason you do not start work on the planned date, the employer should cancel the DPAE declaration in the same way that they had submitted it.

Registration for a social security number via the DPAE

If it is your first job in France, your employer may register you for a social security number, even though WHV holders are not required to have one. If your employer wishes to do this, you should provide them with the following documents before they submit the DPAE:

  • Birth certificate containing your parents’ information. If it is not in French, you will need to have it translated by an authorized translator or your consulate. Additionally, depending on your nationality, the document may require apostille certification or legalization.
  • Copy of your passport ID pages, and your Working Holiday Visa
  • Bank account information (usually referred to as a RIB, relevé d’identité bancaire)
  • Residential address

Note that employers are not obligated to request registration of foreign employees with the social security system. Though it is customary to do so in larger companies with an HR department, smaller businesses might ask employees to complete the task themselves (which in most cases leads to a rejection, explained more later). Regardless, WHV holders are not required to have a social security number to exercise employment. See our full article on the French sécurité sociale.

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(5) Comments

theAge I |

Hi pvtistes,

I’m hoping to clarify the most updated information regarding the need to apply for APT.

I’m Australian and obtained the France WHV last month. I will be arriving in January 2022. I saw above that for Australians who obtained WHV after March 1, 2016 do not need to apply for an APT in order to obtain work. Is this correct?

Having said that, I understand I will still need to obtain a ‘numéro de securité sociale’, correct?

Merci d’avance!


laura1995 I |

I too am in this exact situation and unable to confirm whether or not I need to validate my French working holiday visa? And if not, I still need to get the social security number yes? Sorry I can’t seem to read the replies to this comment which I suspect would answer my questions!

Max I |

anyone get an answer on this?

Max I |

would be good if I could see the replies as to know what people said? Cause I have a job, and now am unclear about what to do as I’m being asked for a “titre de sejour” and an “attestation de validation par l’OFII”. Unsure what to do

Jackson I |

1) WHV holders do not need an APT. The visa itself serves as work authorization AND titre de séjour
2) As outlined in chapters 2 and 4, WHV holders do NOT need a social security number in order to exercise employment (although your employer has the option of requesting one on your behalf through the DPAE). Some employers may not be familiar with the WHV, and so may need to be informed on your rights.