Key documents / procedures for WHV holders starting a job in France

Chapter 5: Reporting the hire of a foreign worker at the “prefecture”

Published: 27-01-2018


Reporting the hire of a foreign worker at the “prefecture”

Under the French Labour Code (“Code du travail”), the employer must check with the French authorities that the foreign employee, including all WHV holders in France, holds a valid “autorisation provisoire de travail” (“APT”).

Who has to be notified and how?

Two working days before the start date of the contract, the employer must send the “préfecture” (or in Paris, the “préfet de police”) a dated and signed letter by registered mail, along with a copy of the employee’s WHV, the APT (if needed) and information about the employer and the employee.

More documents can be required, it depends on the “département,” i.e. the region where the “préfecture” is located. Employers should check the website of the “préfecture” for more details.

Processing times

The “préfet” will contact the employer by email, mail or by phone within two business days. Unless otherwise specified, past these two days, it’s assumed that the employer fulfilled the requirement.

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Hi pvtistes,

I’m hoping to clarify the most updated information regarding the need to apply for APT.

I’m Australian and obtained the France WHV last month. I will be arriving in January 2022. I saw above that for Australians who obtained WHV after March 1, 2016 do not need to apply for an APT in order to obtain work. Is this correct?

Having said that, I understand I will still need to obtain a ‘numéro de securité sociale’, correct?

Merci d’avance!


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