4Backpack and suitcase packing 101

Backpack and suitcase packing 101

Try to travel light, especially if you’re going to roam around Canada. Yes, packing for a year isn’t easy but nobody enjoys lugging around heavy and bulky luggage.

Packing your backpack for Canada

The key is to load your backpack logically for balance and comfort and to pack conveniently so that you can access what you use the most without emptying your backpack every time. Pack your heaviest, densest gear as close to your back as possible, and keep high-use items at or near the top of your bag.

Don’t go overboard and stuff your backpack. You could buy a 70-litre backpack and leave some room instead of leaving home with an overloaded 50-litre backpack. Less compact, for sure, but you may need the extra room at one point during your trip.

Packing your suitcase for Canada

Much like with a backpack, you don’t have to fill it up to the maximum weight limit—Air Transat is pretty generous with the extra 23 kg luggage allowance, but can you actually drag two heavy suitcases around?

Make sure you can lift and pull your suitcase easily and leave some room for whatever you may buy in Canada.

Tips to organize your gear

Inside pockets are handy for small items and compression bags help you save room by removing excess air from your load (great for winter clothing!).

A suitcase strap can be a good investment to secure the contents during flights and if zippers break at one point on the road.

Rolling clothes instead of folding them is a good trick to save room and avoid wrinkles and creases—give it a try, you’ll see!

Working Holiday Permit holders who are going to settle down can travel with two suitcases, but dragging around two pieces of luggage can get tiring pretty fast if you’re roaming around the country.

The key words are “pack light.” Yes, it’s tough. Consider laying out all your gear on your bed or on the floor and making different piles—essentials and luxuries. Do you really need two swimsuits, two pairs of sneakers, 20 pairs of socks, three jackets and two coats…? Eliminate “luxury” items until everything fits.

Many, many travellers wish their backpack or suitcase was lighter. Keeping track of many items is also a headache because you have to make sure you’re not leaving anything behind.

Beware of the last-minute shopaholic syndrome

Many travellers report they go on a shopping spree shortly before their trip, probably because of a mix of excitement (“Yay, going soon!”) and fear (“What if I can’t find what I need in Canada?”). Don’t worry, chances are you’ll find your favourite brands and stores in Canada or even better alternatives—plus anything you buy will become a souvenir. Worst-case scenario, you can always ask friends and relatives to mail you a care package. Keep your money for Canada, don’t waste it shopping for items you don’t need!

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