Your To-Do List Before Going to Canada

7Hostel, bed and breakfast or hotel
Table of contents :
How to choose your first destination
Get the best airfare deal
Buy the right health insurance coverage
Make an appointment at your local bank
Budget wisely
How to carry/transfer money
Hostel, bed and breakfast or hotel
Gather all the documents you may have to show upon arriving in Canada
Get a medical checkup
Services cancellation and power of attorney

Find a place to stay

Hostel, bed and breakfast or hotel

Here are three criteria to consider:

  • The location: do you want to stay in the city centre? By the beach? In a quiet neighbourhood or in the heart of the entertainment district?
  • The price: what’s your budget?
  • The atmosphere: hotels and B&Bs welcome travellers from all walks of life and are usually pretty quiet—the only “common room” may be the hotel lobby. Hostels tend to cater to backpackers and “party hostels” usually attract people who, you guessed it, don’t need to get up at 8 a.m. the following day. Big hostels are usually in central and convenient locations, beds are typically cheaper, but you may have to wait for your turn to take a shower or cook your spaghetti. If you still want to meet people but would rather stay in a more intimate setting, pick a smaller hostel, but it may be further from the action and a bit more expensive.


    A free bed in a Canadian house or apartment? For sure! It’s a really cool experience if you’re open to meeting new people, sharing their living space and if you don’t mind sleeping on a sofa for a few days.

    Short-term accommodation through online community marketplaces

    Many online marketplaces let home owners rent a room or their full apartment for a night or a week. This popular short-term solution is a good way to meet people, immerse yourself in Canadian culture and it buys you enough time to find a more permanent nest.

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