Your To-Do List Before Going to Canada

Chapter 10: Services cancellation and power of attorney

Published: 03-03-2020



Services cancellation and power of attorney

Services and subscription cancellation

Before you leave the country, make sure to cancel the following services:

  • Your cellphone plan: You may be able to put your plan on hold for a fee if you explain you’ll be abroad for a long period of time. If you need to cancel your contract, make sure to do it the right way—send your letter by registered mail and don’t forget to mention your contract number and cell number. Note that you may have to pay early termination fees. Some providers are easy to deal with and cancel contracts without much hassle while others may argue that going abroad isn’t a legitimate reason to break your contract before it’s up and you may have to back up your request with documentation.
  • Your Internet/cable/landline subscription: You may have to pay cancellation fees if you signed a contract—if so, try to explain you’re relocating, fees can always be waved… Some WHP holders got out of their contract without penalty by sending a copy of their POE Letter of Introduction. Don’t forget to return equipment (i.e. cable box, modem, etc.).
  • Car insurance: Try to see if you can find a secure long-term parking solution or lend it to someone who will pay the insurance coverage charges
  • Membership fees: gym, movie theatre, etc
  • For tips on cancelling with minimum hassle, search online for “nameofcompany+cancellation.”

    Consider giving power of attorney to a relative

    A Power of Attorney and a proxy form are legal documents. They give one person, or more than one person, the authority to manage business for you, including your money and property. It can be useful when you’re abroad since this person will be able to:

    • Pickup packages and letters for you at the post office;
    • Deal with tax matters (don’t forget to give the person access to relevant documents, such as pay slips, expenses, etc.)
    • Deal with financial matters (initiate a bank draft to Canada from your home bank account, cash a cheque, etc.)
    • Vote on your behalf

    Don’t forget to bring the following documents: your ID card/citizenship card, driver’s licence and International Driving Permit. It’s also a good idea to scan and save useful documents, e.g. diplomas, certifications, letters of recommendation, etc.

    Do I need an Electronic Travel Authorization?

    Since October 2016, visa-exempt foreign nationals who fly to, or transit through a Canadian airport, need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). The Canadian eTA is much like the American ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization).

    IEC participants do need an eTA. However, as of August 1, 2015, an eTA is issued automatically if you’re approved for an IEC work permit.

    Your POE Letter of Introduction contains information regarding your passport and your eTA. Unless you’re landing with a different passport than the one you used when you applied for your IEC visa, you’re good to go!

    Note this exception: If you renew your passport after you receive your POE Letter of Introduction, your letter is still valid but your eTA (issued automatically) isn’t. The eTA is linked to your old passport number, so you must apply for a new one.

    Learn more about the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) on the website of the Government of Canada.

    I want to visit the US (or another country) before entering Canada!

    It doesn’t matter where you come from when you land in Canada. You can fly from your home country directly or you can enjoy a stopover in the US or somewhere else in the world.

    Note that all eligible international travellers who wish to travel to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program must apply to the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) before their trip.

    For other countries, check visa requirements.

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