Working Holiday permit to Canada: Travelling as a couple and/or with kids

3Travelling to Canada with kids
Table of contents :
Applying for a Working Holiday permit to Canada as a couple
Travelling to Canada with kids
Buying health insurance for the whole family
Who needs to apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN)?
The daycare and school system in Ontario and Quebec
Pregnancy and birth during a Working Holiday permit in Canada

Travelling to Canada with kids

Some countries (…looking at you, Australia!) don’t allow Working Holiday permit holders to come with dependent children, but Canada welcomes them.

Note that education is compulsory from 5 (in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island) or 6 (in all other provinces and territories), so your little one may have to go to school.

Getting a study permit (or not)

Since kid(s) must have their own immigration status, you have two options:

They could enter Canada with you as visitors, with their own passport and visa (if required). They are usually given permission to stay in Canada as long as your Working Holiday permit is valid. Minor children (18 or 19 years old and under, depending on the province/territory) who are in Canada can go to school without needing a study permit.

You could apply for a study permit for them before going to Canada. Since you will have a valid work permit (e.g. a Working Holiday permit), you won’t need to provide a letter of acceptance from a school. However, you will have to pay fees for the study permit ($150) and go through the whole process.

For more info, read Minor children before entering Canada and Minor children already in Canada.

Tips for a smooth landing process

Your kid must have their own passport and it must be valid for the entire duration of your stay in Canada. If no visa is required to travel to Canada, you will need to get them an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). The application process is quick and straightforward and it only costs $7. Watch for scams, don’t use a third-party website!

A border services officer will ask you a number of questions when you arrive in Canada, for instance regarding to your ability to care for your kid. How will you support your family? Where will you live? Who will take care of your kid when you’re working? Make sure you can answer all questions easily.

If your kid is entering Canada with only one of the two parents, you will be expected to present a copy of the child’s birth certificate, and a letter of authorization, in English or French if possible, which is signed by the parent who is not travelling. This letter must include the address and telephone number of the parent who is not travelling, and a photocopy of that parent’s signed passport or national identity card. For other cases (shared custody, sole custody, deceased parent, etc.), read Minor child travelling to Canada to make sure you meet all the requirements.

Expecting a child after getting the Working Holiday permit

If you find out you’re expecting after getting a Working Holiday permit but before landing in Canada, you can always contact the Canadian embassy to inform them but it is totally optional. Just make sure to meet all the requirements mentioned above when you travel to Canada—yes, even newborns need a passport.

If you will be giving birth in Canada, read Chapter 7 for useful tips (and congrats!).

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