We launched the first PVTistes.net interface featuring job offers eight years ago. Every year, several hundred candidates find a job in their destination country and hundreds of employers find the talents they need.

It’s been a huge success. Case in point:

  • 14,500 job offers posted
  • 4,014 employers signed up
  • 2664 resumes in the database
  • 57,257 applications sent
  • 3M+ job offers viewed 

We recently launched a resume database—this way, members can post their resume on PVTistes.net and get contacted directly by employers when their profile matches a need. There are currently over 3,000 resumes in our database.

We know that finding a job is a top priority for Working Holiday permit holders. That’s why we’re excited to introduce a new, redesigned job offers and resume database platform—check it out!

We heard your feedback and we made it even more user-friendly and convenient. We hope you’ll love it—we put our heart into this project!



Je suis en PVT au Canada depuis novembre 2021, plus spécifiquement à Montréal. La fin du PVT annonce certainement de futures destinations... :)

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