Finding Accommodation in Canada

Chapter 8: Other types of housing arrangements

Published: 23-01-2020



Other types of housing arrangements

Ever heard of “pet-sitting” or “house-sitting”? These free-rent-for-a-service arrangements aren’t that common in Canada but they are getting more and more popular.

Websites like Housesitters CanadaNomador, or Trusted Housesitters (some of them require potential sitters to buy a membership) list house-sitting and pet-sitting opportunities throughout Canada. Your services may be needed for a few days up to a few months. Typical tasks include caring for the place, pet(s) and plants (don’t worry, not the kids!). You can also be responsible for general housekeeping and snow shovelling (welcome to Canada!).

House sitting can be a fun way to live rent-free for a little while but it’s not usually a permanent solution and you can be asked to leave anytime.

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