Finding Accommodation in Canada

Chapter 9: Finding a pet-friendly rental

Published: 23-01-2020



Finding a pet-friendly rental

Finding a rental that welcomes your pet—dog, cat, turtle, rabbit, ferret, hamster or polar bear…—isn’t that easy in Canada.

Indeed, landlords cannot be forced to accept tenants with pets. It can be a challenge to find an accommodating landlord in large cities with a tight rental market (Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver). The rest of Canada is more pet friendly, at least in theory.

Ads usually specify “no pets” (“pas d’animaux” in French) or “pet-friendly” (“animaux acceptés” in French). No mention of pets? You still have to tell the potential landlord you will move in with your pet(s). If possible, take them with you during the visit to show you have a very well-behaved/small/extremely cute little friend. You may also consider asking your former landlord for a special reference letter, which mentions that your pet didn’t cause any damage to the property. Sharing a pet-friendly house could also be a solution.

That said, do keep in mind that finding a rental will be more difficult when you have a pet. You’ll likely need patience and a bigger initial budget to pay for a hotel or hostel bed while you’re looking for the perfect place.

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