5Getting a postal address in Australia — The Poste Restante service

Getting a postal address in Australia — The Poste Restante service

For many of your first steps in Australia—applying for a TFN, opening a bank account or getting a phone—you will need an address. If you find a place quickly, it’s all good, or you could use the hostel’s address, a friend’s, your Couchsurfing or Airbnb.
However, there’s another option that offers more privacy than receiving mail at a temporary address—you can use the Poste Restante—the origin of the name is French but it is a free counter delivery service offered by Australia Post.

How does it work?

Visitors and tourists without a permanent Australian address can have letters and parcels delivered to any Australian Post Office for collection over the counter. Individual mail items will only be held at a Post Office for 30 days, after which time they will be returned to sender.

Mail is sent to a local Australia Post office, then sorted by first and last name. You’ll need to show your passport to get your mail. Tip: remember to ask the employee to check for mail under your last and first name, especially if they don’t sound English—a letter sent to a Taiwanese WHV holder named Ming Li could be under “Ming” or under “Li.”

To find the nearest post office, go to Find a location or service.

For instance, if you choose to receive your mail at the Australia Post office on George Street in Sydney, this is the address you will use:
[Your first and last name]

C/O Poste Restante 
Sydney Post Office

Gournet Circle

264A-278 George Street

Sydney 2000


NSW, Australia

How do I register for the service?

You must register in person (to register online, you’d need two pieces of Australian ID).

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