10A few ideas to make the most of your summer in Quebec City and elsewhere in the province

A few ideas to make the most of your summer in Quebec City and elsewhere in the province

Explore a city park

Much like in Montreal and Toronto, city parks are the perfect place to hang out during summer. Grab a book or your running shoes and try Battlefields Park, Bois-de-Coulonge park or the Jardin Botanique Roger-Van Den Hende

The full list of parks and gardens is here.

Enjoy Quebec City’s best summer events

The 11-day Festival d’été de Québec (“FEQ”) is the biggest outdoor musical event in Canada with a very international lineup. Don’t miss it!

Keep an eye on the calendar of events—there’s also a bicycle race, a fireworks competition, fun historic events and other major gatherings to keep you busy in summer. 

Take a dip to cool off

Beat the heat, and go to a public outdoor swimming pool. You will find the complete list here (in French only).

Craving a sandy beach? Head to the plage de Quebec, at Baie de Beauport, just five minutes from downtown Quebec.

Make the St. Lawrence River your own splash pad

St. Lawrence River is right next door and it’s the perfect place to go fishing, kayaking, windsurfing or even swimming (even though some parts are pretty polluted!). 

Biking or taking a stroll along the Old Port is also a perfect summer activity.

Discover a few national parks

There are 23 amazing national parks in Quebec and summer is the best time of the year to plan a hike or even a camping trip. Check out the list of options and find your favourite corner of the wilderness!

Go whale watching

Quebec offers great opportunities for whale watching, especially at the Saguenay—St. Lawrence Marine Park, the Mingan Archipelago or Florillon National Park. 

Book your whale-watching tour with companies like:

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