6Spend a day in an amusement park

Spend a day in an amusement park

How about a fun summer day with friends in an amusement park? Roller coasters, Ferris wheels, giant slides and more, there’s something for everyone! For Mickey and his friends, you’ll need a ticket to California or Florida but don’t worry, there are closer parks that are just as entertaining (and probably cheaper):

  • North of Toronto: Canada’s Wonderland, for thrills and fun
  • In Montreal’s Jean Drapeau Park: La Ronde, a Six Flags attraction park
  • North-East of Vancouver: Playland, with rides and games

And to cool off on hot summer days (… yes, it does get really hot in many parts of Canada!), head to a water park with splash pools and thrilling slides, like Calypso close to Ottawa.

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Je suis en PVT au Canada depuis novembre 2021, plus spécifiquement à Montréal. La fin du PVT annonce certainement de futures destinations... :)

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